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I'm Richelle, a hands-on mom to my daughter, Leia. I'm a Digital Influencer and is much into lifestyle blogging and vlogging! Let's share the joy of motherhood, one post at a time!

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My Life as a Mom

This is a journey of a full-time Mom.

All About Leia Bunny

Take a peek into the wonderful life of Leia!

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"I like your blog po. Very informative."

Mommy Joyal

"Very helpful and inspiring. Very happy to bump into your IG profile and found a blog that's very helpful to my motherhood journey."

Mommy Lhane

"Thank you for sharing these blogs. All your are worth reading as I find it very informative  and helpful to us moms!"


Mommy Rhea 

"Love your blog on credit cards... very timely for this is a shopping/spending season. Everybody should ensure to live within our means..."

Mommy Anna Lyn

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Leia's Mom

Lifestyle of a WonderwoMOM

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