Hi, everyone!

My name is Richelle, you can call me "Ryce" but I'm often "Rich" to many since some five years ago. A hands-on mom to my daughter, Leia. I'm a Licensed Architect by profession and worked at the corporate world for ten years, but currently works freelance and is much into lifestyle blogging and vlogging ever since I became a mom.

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I believe that as Digital Influencers, we have a big role to play in terms of recommending what's best to use by parents for the kids and the whole family.


Prior to becoming a blogger, I always love to promote products that we often use at home or places we go to and even my favorite food in my social media accounts.

My family’s good health and well-being are very important to me. So I also take pride in advocating the use of locally-produced products, products that are responsibly-made and those that are natural, non-toxic and safe for us and the planet we live in.

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Motherhood has made me realize that I am strong and I am capable. I have been through a number of challenges in my journey as a First-time & Single Mother but being together with Leia 24/7 has made me feel loved yet tough at the same time. Each day brings in a new experience and it helps me grow as an individual and an important team player at the same time. Watching my daughter grow active, happy and healthy, is an everyday gift I will always be very grateful for.

Follow me as I go through MomLife, one day at a time. Allow me and my daughter to bring more of the sunshine we need to your homes. Enjoy!