First Time in Kidzooona

Earlier this month, I have let Leia try out the popular play area that is Kidzooona . This is actually her first time to be in an area with so many kids playing. The Mommy in me, is curious on how she'll behave. During the past months prior to her First Birthday, she wasn't that sociable with other kids and babies, and she even cries when someone approaches her. This is because she didn't have playmates . Now that she's bigger, walking, very active and talkative, she now loves seeing kids, playing with and even taking to and holding them (well at least the baby-lingo). I have brought her to a few play-dates and most of the time to toy stores so she'll see kids and get entertained with toys as well.

I have long been wanting to try out Kidzooona 'coz I have seen the place and it looks very entertaining for a girl her age. Kidzooona is a big Educational Playplace for children and their accompanying adults too. We tried it during one weekend to also see how jampacked the place can be. One of the main reasons some moms like me are hesitant to bring their kids in play areas is because it can be really dirty and babies might be exposed to viruses and bacteria if the place isn't well-maintained. Thankfully though, the place looks promisingly clean, and tidy! There were staff who puts back the toys in their proper places when a kid leaves it messed-up. The whole place has either carpet or foam mats so no fear of Leia tripping over or getting hurt. And it's in this place too that I could let her walk freely, fall over and stand up again on her own.

Tip : i let her use grip-socks so it will also help her stand and walk safer on

plain surfaces.

Leia was so excited when we came, seeing the place from outside - she could not contain her smile! And she wants to be put down quick so she can go inside already. The staff during inquiry and payment we're helpful and accommodating. Entry and Exit gates are locked to ensure security for the kids. For a fee of P300, it's already play-all-you-can for you and your little one. The place is huge! though i don't really want them all filled-up but it's nice to see that Leia can walk freely here... There's a parking area for your stroller or big bags. Lockers are also provided for shoes. And there are comfy seats too when the need for you to rest or if kids needs to feed millk. There was also a nearby Breastfeeding Lounge in the Mall which i tired during our stay since 90mins. for my little girl is really exhausting for both of us also.

She loves cars and push walkers so when she saw this first, she did not hesitate to push it a lot. I can see how she's happy 'coz she's getting really noisy. And even with just walking alone, she's already all-smiles with it. They have a lot of open areas where kids can run freely or play with other kids. Their best attraction is the large ball-pit with obstacle course and slides! In here she did not really enjoy it first, you could see that she's figuring out how she'll move or stand but this area is actually prohibited for smaller kids since they won't be able to walk here. We managed to transfer to another inflatable play area where Leia had more fun moving inside.

Aside from these, they have various pretend-play booths which can tickle every little kid's interest, but i know it's mostly girls girl who play these. i caught Leia washing the fruits and vegetables in the sink and also looks like doing cooking. By the way, the stuff are a mess when she came because someone was playing here before us. Another thing she liked most in this area is the cash register - its very common that most girls like playing with this! so every booth she goes by, she makes fun with the machine. Careful though 'coz the cash drawer suddenly opens with a click. She also likes the ice cream and cake parlors.

Another section is dedicated to puzzles and bead mazes for the more curious like Leia. There were alot of space for more kids but the bigger kids prefer more of the physical play than these. So here we find it more quiet than the rest of the areas. In one corner, there are foam blocks, big but lightweight, which older kids use to build imaginative structures. Zorb roller balls are a click also to bigger kids but Leia was so curios to try it also. I knew it because she tries to walk me towards the area when we pass by.

Over-all it was a wonderful experience, specially for first-timers like us. We loved how clean the place is, and that there's enough staff to man the many areas. Since safety and security is very important for us Moms, i say that Kidzooona has passed my standards. I just hope every branch they have is the same as the one we tried in Uptown Mall in BGC. We had a fun-time bonding and playing --- and We are sure to be coming back, maybe in the nearer branch like San Lazaro or the soon to open in Cloverleaf... Share your experience with me through the comments below or may when we bump into each other in the future :) Happy Weekend everyone!!

For more details Check out >> Kidzooona

---xoxo Rycee===

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