It's Clean-Up Time

Happy to see Leia easily learning a lot lately. Having attended a series of playgroups, she was getting exposed on how the right child play works. Free Play is her favorite activity during the class because it lets her choose whatever toy she wants to explore. And right after each play, all the kids are encouraged to put the toys back in the bin. It's what we call Clean-Up Time. This is really fun because most kids don't want to stop playing. So how do you let kids do the clean-up? Leia has started doing this a few weeks back specially when we play the music. Look at how she carries her big toys with ease...She's really strong ;D Meanwhile below are also some other tips to let your child actively participate in putting back the toys.

1. Show them how it's done. This is the first thing to do as always, set an example.

2. Make it a routine. It doesn't matter how many times in a day but make sure you let your kid clean up even with just a few toys at first.

3. Assign Containers for each kind of toy and put pictures as tag. It's easier for your kids to play and arrange after if the toys are not mixed-up.

4. Limit your number of toys so it's easier to clean-up after. Teach your kids to play on a few toys first then play with a different set after.

5. If your kid has too many toys already, chances are, the old ones aren't played much now. Why not Declutter and give away the older toys so you'd have more space to sort the toys left.

6. Give advance warning that in matter of minutes, they'll need to start packing up already.

7. Lastly, it's also very important to Appreciate the effort of your little ones. Say Good Job or Thank You for Cleaning Up! This way, they'll be happy to be doing it always even when not told to.

Happy Cleaning Mommies :)

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