My Breastfeeding Story

I planned to Exclusively Breastfeed Leia even months before giving birth. I equipped myself with the knowledge and all the necessary information in order to get myself ready when my baby arrives. I bought myself supplements, breastpump, breastmilk storage containers, Nursing Cover etc. Had I only known the struggle on the first week was so much, I should have made myself more than ready enough that day.

I gave birth via Caesarian Section last May 2016, just because Leia wasn't ready to be out even on the 40th week already. I have been induced for a day yet my OB told me that she's still far from down. So I decided to take the option to let her via CS. And because of this, it was really painful for me to move during the first month post-natal.

When we arrived home, I was Breastfeeding her exclusively for a week until the time came when she wasn't able to poop for 5days. I panicked so I consulted our Pedia in which she then told me that my baby wasn't getting enough milk from me. She's underweight at the same time. It suddenly struck me that things like this could happen. I wasn't prepared to face this so I asked what should I do...she then pushed me to give Leia formula as supplementary milk.

I think it through and waited for another day, then I after consulting some Breastfeeding Advocates - I still gave in to giving cow's milk. I was crying because I didn't want to

give her that but i felt it's what I'm suppose to given the situation. I suddenly found myself with no option left at that time. Rightfully, she pooped a few hours after giving formula. Then, it was a relief.

Thankfully to this day, even when mixed fed - She's able to be healthy and very active. I don't say that Formula Milk has no health benefits in it but if I can turn back time. I would have pushed myself to give Leia breastmilk exclusively ~ there is no reason I couldn't, I'll just have to try twice as hard and follow the pyramid before resorting to last option.

What's the morale of my story? For me, it is to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BREASTFEEDING ADVOCATES. Or what we call "BreastFriends". Never ever take advices from those who do not believe that Breastmilk is best! I changed our Pedia right after, thankful to have found a better one not only because she's a Breastfeeding Mom (of almost the same age as Leia) but also since she's more approachable and comfortable to consult with.

I Thank a lot of people who have been by my side for the last 15months and more. For Keeping me sane and for making me feel loved. To my Family and Friends who have been there every time I needed help or simply just because they're beside taking care of me and Leia...

To all new Moms and soon-to-be Moms, may You all find the courage and stand strong amidst the struggles in the first few months of Your baby's life. Remember that you are not alone ~ there's a huge community you can always talk to 😉

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