The Wonders of Mega-Malunggay

The Perfect Breastfeeding Partner for Moms!! I have been a Mega-Malunggay user for the last 16months... This I have learned about through the Workshops I attended at The Parenting Emporium by Abbie Yabot.

I started taking Malunggay on the 9th Month of my pregnancy (as consulted with my OB).

And for me, this one from VPharma is the best amongst the many Malunggay supplements found in the market. Simply because it contains more! In every capsule there's 500mg Moringa Oleifera (has more than most brands) plus it has 100mg of Sodium Ascorbate too. The Malunggay ingredient herein is proven to increase Prolactin levels which is very essential to boost breastmilk supply. I take 2 capsules each day along with my other supplements for added Energy being an active on-the-go Mom ☺️

Tip : Mega-Malunggay is not only for Moms, anyone in the Family can take this too! The benefits are for everyone.

What's more to taking Malunggay as a health supplement aside from being an essential galactagouge, this also :

1. Helps in building strong muscles due to its Protein content.

2. Maintains healthy skin due to collagen-building nutrients from Vitamin C.

3. A very good source of Calcium and Magnesium which are very essential for Breastfeeding Moms also.

4. A good alternative to taking other fruits and vegetables since it's found to be rich in Vitamin A, B2, C, Iron and Magnesium.

5. Promotes healthy immune system because of it's rich anti-oxidants.

Meanwhile, while having this as very handy ~ it's strongly recommended too that you make sure to intake lots of water and soup to supplement your Breastfeeding. And also, Direct Feeding is the very key to maintain a very good Breastmilk supply. ❤️

Tip : You can extract the powder from the capsule and add it in your soup or drinks! The many forms you can use it for.

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