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I've missed treating myself to Lactation Goodies for snack! Since then, I always eat 2 everyday for several months after giving birth to Leia. Now, here's the bunch I bought when I was in The Parenting Emporium to attend a workshop. Lately too, I felt like my milk supply has been decreasng - maybe because of not Nursing more often, so I knew I needed to Boost my supply to provide more for Leia. 24months is still far ahead. One thing I did is to take at least 3 Mega-Malunggay Capsules and then this. Mommy Treats will be my answer!

Rightfully, Lactation Goodies like these Cookies and Brownies from @MommyTreats are packed with rich in natural milk-boosting galactagogues! plus do you know that it's calorie-controlled?? So there's no need to feel guilty for taking it.

Mommy Treats are packed with nutrient-rich galactagogues being:

1. Rolled Oats - high in fiber and rich in iron

2. Flax Seeds - rich in Omega-3

3. Fenugreek - lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels

4. Brewer's Yeast - rich in Vitamin B

Intake of these ingredients partnered with your love and dedication to continue your Breastfeeding Journey will lead to increased milk supply.

So if you're wondering what's the best treats to take - here are My Top Picks :

1. Lactation Brownies - just because of my love for chocolates

2. Super Momma Lactation Cookies - I love the assorted flavors (Chocolate, Raisin and Walnut)

3. Lactation Muffin Bites - when you're not into sweet bites

Remember, the number 1 rule to increase your Milk Supply is to direct feed as often as possible to drain your breastmilk. If you're not with your baby though, make sure to express as this will empty your breasts to produce more milk.

For more details on increasing milk supply, please send me an email and maybe i can help you.

For more information on Lactation Treats or details on where to buy, check out

Enjoy Mommies!!

-----xoxo Rycee

Leia's Mom

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