The Baby Buffet Experience

I regret Leia not joining this sooner!! I know I should have done it before she turned one but mind you it isn't too late to let her attend this class. It was messy-fun and look as she enjoyed every bit of it (though we were late). Seeing many babies too gave her more thrills.

The Baby Buffet is a great experience to let your kids get accustomed to Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) staring 6months. It's a great workshop for Moms who wants to learn and practice BLW.

It's a great venue too for babies to learn and watch others start eating solids on their own.

Abbie Yabot of The Breastfeeding Club, is a guru for this. Being a practitioner of BLW herself to Zoe, I've witnessed these many times. She was able to share a lot of Do's and Dont's in order to help fellow Moms (and specially new ones) to find ease and be comfortable practicing this with their child. There's a low-table set-up and we sit in comfortable mats.

We were served a variety of food for babies to choose from and enjoy. It's cooked the healthy way, steamed or through the air fryer. The pieces are just right sizes, easy for babies to grasp. There a silicon mat/plate (like the fad these days from ezpz) but no spoons or fork because we want our children to enjoy eating them with their hands first. This way also let's explore more about the food they eat.

Here are the foods served during the Baby Buffet :

- Malunggay Soup

- wheat bread

- brown rice

- pancit

- fired chicken fingers

- steam chicken

- steamed sayote

Our Top Picks (and Leia's favorites)

- Steamed Carrots

- Banana + Greek Yogurt

- Spaghetti

- Cheese

- Burger Patty

Who would have thought they were all cooked the healthier way yet they tasted the same as the usual food we eat?! 👍🏼 Yes!!

Though a lot of Moms (and respective caregivers) are hesitant to try BLW (like my parents in this case). Primarily because of the thinking that their baby might get choked or just because it's going to be messy (well it's real). But without having to try it, you won't know the experience of doing it. This is how Workshops like this become a great venue to see how it's actually like and be able to see how other Moms and babies do it as well. It's a good way for your children to learn to eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full. Of course, it's guided, we all get to sit with our babies while they eat and see how they're doing it. It's a work in progress but when you practice it regularly at home, I'm sure both of you will be happy with the results.

Here are some points to take note on BLW :

- start when you know baby's ready to take food

- offer a variety of foods (the colorful the better)

- always offer them healthy foods (there's always vegetable)

- give in small amounts only (just add when you see they'll like it)

- cut in easy-to-hold sizes (like that of the French fries)

- expect it to be messy (but it's fun!)

- watch for allergic reactions (usually takes at most 3days to show up)

- keep a record of the food you give per day (write down the meals you give so you would know what to offer next)

- trust your child (they're good explorers!)

- trust you yourself (mommy instinct is a good gauge)

- do not leave your child feeding (always watch them eat)

- no spoons and forks (let them eat by hands)

- do not measure what they eat (they stop when they're full)

- don't force them to finish their food or rush them eating

- Lastly, don't panic when baby gags (she'll spit out the ones she doesn't like)

You'll learn more along the way!! If you want to join the next Baby Buffet and other Workshops for Moms and Babies, follow @theparentingemporium and @abbievyabot of The Breastfeeding Club in Instagram, and subscribe to my blog for updates :)

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See You Mommies xoxo ---Rycee and Leia

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