Diaper Deals Alert

Just when it's just a few months before the Holidays, there's a lot of Sale happening in the Metro!! This weekend alone, they made me spend over the budget but of course if they're all for Leia - there's really no guilt over it...

One of the best places to head over to soon for my baby's essentials is Baby Company. And guess what - they have an on-going Diaper Deals Sale!! I was thrilled to see BUY 1 TAKE 1 offers and a lot more special discounts on diapers, toiletries and many more...

Yes!!! you read it right - BIG saving for diapers, toiletries among others. We Moms spend so much on diapers for our littlest ones, and these BOTO offers are a steal!!

Diaper Deals Alert

1. Buy 1 Take 1 Moony **steal deal**

2. Huggies - Discounted prices and free bag

3. Mamy Poko - Discounts on Select Diapers

4. GooN - Free stuffed toy for select purchases

5. EQ - Free baby book or feeding bowls on selected diapers

6. Drypers - Discounts on Jumbo Packs

7. Toiletries Deals on Johnsons and Johnsons , Lactacyd, Aveeno, Sanosan

Promos on Charlie Banana Cloth / Swim Diapers

8. Big Discounts on Toys and PlasticWare too

My Top Picks

1. Moony Diapers --- this is a steal deal, very nice quality (being made in Japan) and super affordable since its on Buy 1 Take 1 Offer!!!

2. Aveeno --- We love Aveeno and the fee loot bag wth J&J Products is a cool deal too!

3. Cycles and Cradle --- All-Natural Products is very important for use by my little one. And they offer great offers too!

What are you waiting for??? I'm sure you wouldn't think twice to go purchase and stock on lots from Baby Company Brands ~ hurry 'coz the deal lasts only until October 1st 👍🏼

You can avail of a Free Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Visit the Baby Company website to know more...


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