Baby Sleep 101

How long does your baby sleep?? That's one of recent thoughts lately as I'm struggling to let Leia sleep on her usual routine prior to reaching 1 year old when she takes two naps. Now, she (almost) doesn't really want to sleep in the morning (after breakfast and play), unless she becomes easily tired depending on the activities in the morning. So I found out that babies at this stage might drop one of their naps and just sleep longer after lunch. There goes my worry then, just because what Leia does is normal.

Maybe babies still are adjusting, or maybe they still go through stages in which they're still finding their comfort zone. Babies are different, some sleep through the night while others don't like bedtime. But most kids share a a common tendency to feel sleepy at one time also. But Moms should make be able to provide a sound sleeping environment so that our babies will know right away when it's time for bed.

Ideally, a toddler should sleep 10-14 hours a day. It should include a nap of at least 2 hours or maybe 2- 1 hour naps. Recently Leia mostly does the first, after lunch or we call it siesta, she always sleeps for 2 hours or even more. Sometimes I fear it that what if there comes a time that she'll sleep less or take no naps. But I'm always thinking that ever since I could remember, I never had any problems with Leia's sleeping routine. Ever since she's a newborn she always sleeps soundly and rarely wakes up to feed during the night. Being a CS Mom, I did not wake her up in the middle of a sound sleep since I feel like sleeping is equally important with eating.

Based on research and as observed with Leia, sleep time should more or less be controlled or made a routine if you want to achieve healthy sleeping habits with your baby. In the morning, for example, if your baby was able to sleep after breakfast or play, sleep should less than 1 hour only. Then after lunch, for her second sleep time, don't let your baby sleep for more than 2 hours so you won't have hard time putting her back to bed for the night.

I believe that it helps babies sleep well if we let them know and feel that it's time to go to bed already. What do I do to create a sleeping environment for Leia? Here are some of the practices we do at home to let her sleep better.

1. I make sure she's well-fed, she's eaten enough along with milk.

2. She's clean, not sweaty. Calm and not hyped.

3. I read her a bedtime story every time before bedtime. Her favorite, Goodnight Moon.

4. Then, I always let her sleep in her crib. The crib should be intended only for sleep and not for play.

5. There's lullaby playing in the background or me singing until she sleeps soundly

6. She's with her hotdog pillows or her teddy bear.

7. Very important for Leia to sleep longer is be in an air-con room that's preferably without any loud noise.

8. During the night, we only have a small dimmed light so generally the room is dark.

9. It's best that I stay in the room when she sleeps because I can easily put her back to sleep in case she wakes unintentionally

10. Important to never leave you baby unattended. Have someone look over in case you need to slip out of the room for a short while.

So in case, some of these don't work out for you, give it time to let your baby adjust and work with the routine. Generally, these will help you cope with healthy sleep patterns with your baby. Nevertheless, do whatever it takes as long as you know that it's for the best for your baby. Sleep is very important because babies have a long way to go in their developmental stage. And this too will help them be healthy and active as they grow bigger and older.

TIP : Teach your little ones to pray. Leia and I always make sure to pray to Jesus and Mama Mary before going to bed and when rising in the morning :)

Thanks for reading xoxo --- Rycee

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