Why we love Quiet Books

Quiet Books or Busy Books have been very much helpful for Moms like me who's looking for activities to keep our little ones engaged. It's a Quiet Book per se since our babies don't really read on them - instead it's packed with learning activities which uses mostly their eyes and hands. Perfect for those times when you need your kids to sit still or stay quiet. Plus, It's Safe even for babies and it's made to last long because it's made of cloth.

Why we Love Quiet Books

1. There's a variety of activities and they're unique, these can't really be found on normal books or activity sets.

2. It enhances hand skills and eye coordination.

3. It's very colorful and attractive to kids so it stimulates their senses more.

4. It's made of soft cloth and sturdy embroidery. Activities Books like this needs little supervision.

5. It's handy so you can bring it along anywhere.

6. It's well-made and affordable. The many pieces inside are made of good quality materials.

7. Kids can learn not just from numbers, colors, but even the different kinds of emotions and how to tie a bow or a shoelace.

8. Helps develop problem-solving skills through puzzles and sorting.

Leia loves playing with this since before she's only 8 or 10months old yet it still entertains her. Bought ours from UrbanMom - Happy Shopping Mommies!

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--- xoxo Rycee

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