Playing My First-Ever Dice Game

I always look forward to weekends because it's a time that i get to be with momma-friends attending workshops and learning more about parenthood. Meeting old and new Moms, is a connection-made for me, even if its just an acquiantance, . So last weekend, I got to join this one-of-a-kind event - Moms Dice to Win, organized by a new Mom-community I'm so happy learn about, PlaydatesPH (in partnership with the Parenting Emporium).

I got to be with my #TeamMom and we have been looking forward to play the Dice Game. We're always up for a challenge and so game and lucky that our busy-mom schedule permits us. Moms loves to Win it is!

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival (on Oct.4) or its commonly called the MoonCake Festival by some. The Chinese-Filipinos here play the Dice Game as part of tradition. It's a simple dice-game out of pure luck because you get to win depending on what dice combination you get. We always celebrate and play this in my previous work but I never really get to play this even once. Hence, I was so excited to play and win!


The event was held at Little Owl along Broadway Ave., the perfect venue for hosting this.

We were warmly welcomed by event organizers Andrea and Mckinley, who were very accommodating to give us a quick run on how things are gonna work and a snippet of the cool prizes up for grabs. There's also a sumptuous buffet served, at it was really yummy. I specifically like their Carbonara for some reason and I'm digging that it's a must-try. No we're so up and ready to play.


The are six pieces of dice and a bowl to toss at. Moms are seated around the table of prizes and were assigned with numbers for identification. The first Mom in line is assigned to roll all the 6 dice. There's a specific prize for every dice combination on the list posted - 6th prize being the consolation prizes up to the 1st prize which is the most coveted. The rolling of the dice is passed to each of the Moms who joined until all of the prizes are won. However, you'll miss your turn in case one or more of the dice fell out of the bowl.


It is believed that those who play the game will bring home good luck. I certainly believe this seeing the prizes at stake - I knew it that no Mom will definitely be going home empty-handed. Andrea have a nicely curated prize-showcase because all what's in the table are every Mom's needs or wants. Like Malunggay capsule for pregnant Moms, Milk storage bags for Breastfeeding Moms, Toy organizers for Moms with toddlers, even Storage rack for Moms who loves cooking and the grand prize, which is a Bike, for one very lucky Momma.


All of the Moms enjoyed playing. Im happy to have seen each and every one's excitement and joys from winning. Even I, myself went home with an abundant loot! Happy to have brought home a Hanns Garment Rack - it's timely because it's something I need, Mega-Malunggay - to boost my milk supply, and Tiny Buds - it's a laundry staple (among others).

PlaydatesPH seriously made a mark, with their very unique Mom-gathering and Group-Launch. The Dice Game is a nice way of bringing Moms together not only to play but to eat, relax and just have fun. But in case, you can't leave home without the kids, there's a cute play area set-up for them. I'm sure all the Mom-attendees are looking forward to the future events by PlaydatesPH, follow them on Instagram 'coz there's a lot coming in the future. Certainly #LeiasMomApproved!! Check out their IG page for more details :)


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