Leia's Costume Party Experience

October is always meant for Halloween and Costume Parties. This time I didn't hesitate that Leia gets dressed-up and attend even just one Party. Besides that part when i want to dress her up ~ I also want to see her enjoy and meet new kids in costume! Leia, for me, is a very active and curious toddler. She's not the shy type who would just sit down in one corner playing over something but she's always on the move and ready to explore the place she's at.

Hello Munchkins Play Cafe is a play school and a cafe in one. They hold regular classes for kids and at the same time visitors can get to eat from a variety. This time around they held a Costume Party perfect for the coming Halloween Celebration but it's nothing scary though. Kids get to dress-up like who they want to be ~ which got me thinking that our Princess costume might be perfect for this. I don't exactly wish to be a princess - but hey, everyone I think dreamt of being one in their younger years. It's a great dream for kids to aspire being a Princess because as we all know, they always have a happy ending! Princess Aurora might not be the best Disney Princess but we like that she's very loving and kind.

The party started on time but we came in late so we did not catch the whole part where kids introduce themselves and the character they're playing. I came with (my Mom-BFF) Jean Ann with Jarvis (and husband Mark). Jarvis is dressed-up as Clark Kent (it's Superman's look on a regular day). Leia got her moment on the mic, but she of course she didn't say much. It was nice seeing so many kids dressed-up in different costumes and some of them were really unique.

There's only a few activities lined-up for the day. It's quite understood that kids specially those of Leia's age has really short attention span and what they do is really go around making play on their own or with other kids. I always catch Leia loving the look of herself in the mirror wall, admiring her movements and playing with reflections or sometimes she just roams around to look at other kids and gets the stuff she's interested in.

They did a Sing-Along portion where kids get their chance at the mic to sing-along with popular Disney songs like that from Moana and Frozen, and also "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. Some of the kids really liked singing. There's also a Stop-Dance game where kids go inside the hoops when the music stops. Leia keeps on doing her style and just hops inside whenever she wants too. She's really enjoyed this part.

Now came the time for snacks! This for me is the winner - because kids are seated in low-table setting with a nice combination of food - baked mac, potato tots and cheese-stuffed bread!! Leia likes them too most specially the Yakult drink that came with it 😍 She's starting to use the utensils already and I'm just letting her if she likes too, but sometimes she still eats best using her hands. There's also cookies and cupcakes plus sweets served on buffet and I must say that it's really a treat for kids ~ the choco chip cookies are just yummy!! They cooked all of these by the way - and the muffin served is with malunggay (how healthy is that?).

Another fun activity is the photo-taking session, it's just a regular picture session but I like that this part was highlighted at least to give time to get good photos of your kids and yourself since we all know that them moving so much makes it really difficult to get nice shots. Kids gets really distracted with too many stuff around the area, Leia keeps pointing out "balloons", "toys" and the box with goodies. So it's good that Teacher gets the attention for the kids by getting the toys they're holding (in a nice way). Through this, kids get to engage in the activities and interact with other kids ~ which is basically the main goal of this activity.

Time came a bit short and it's rounded to the last part where the most-anticipated part for parents will happen - the Awarding for the Best in Costume! I myself have my own bet (of course - even though I want Leia to get into the spotlight too) but I know she'll get there in time. My personal favorites are Moana and Winter (aka Ms Korea) who won People's Choice and Best in Costume respectively. Afterwhich, all kids were awarded with lootbags to bring home. The candies that we brought were not distributed though. Should have given them to the kids after this *sigh*.

Over-all, the whole Activity was fun and I think Leia thinks that way too. The number of kids + parents are good enough to sit and roam comfortably in the given area. Glad I was able to take photo with the Teachers (Elizia who also hosted the program) and Vanessa (the Directress) before heading out.

But wait, there's a cute wooden bus outside where kids get to play the wooden toys in it as well. We Love wooden toys, and it's been my goal to collect as many educational items for Leia and I hope to maximize their use. Leia enjoyed her stay here that she didn't really want to leave (same with Jarvy wherein JeanAn has to force him out so we could all head home).

Check out Hello Munchkins Play Cafe to know more about their activities and about the school

too. We'd love to drop by some other time again soon to know more about it.

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