Why we Need a Humidifier at home

I have long been curious on how humidifiers work, though I know many own it, I don't exactly know how it will benefit me actually. Humidifiers for some reason become popular like the Aroma Diffusers and Aromatizers that most people have. I have been reading good reviews about it and some say that it's even beneficial for babies. For one reason, I knew i will soon buy one but maybe there's a right time. One afternoon in May, just before the rainy season kicks in, while walking inside the Baby Company - i saw the sign and it's made of "Unicorn"! Right then and there I bought the Crane Humidifier in Unicorn design (on Sale) and I was so happy and excited to use it.

Judging by the instructions in the Manual and by the look of how do i perform things, it took me days before I got to use our Crane. And then one night (when we most often use an air-con) i set it up so we could try. But the day after, i found out that Leai caught mild colds after waking up. So i thought - oh no! this humidifier made her that way. But after investigation, i found out that the Humidifier was placed so close to her crib and its in high mode and this made her that way. Right after fixing things up, we used our Humidifier again and viola after using it often (thought not everyday) i can feel that it really has its good benefits!

Though we seldom catch colds and cough since we always take Vitamin C religiously, there are some instances that it really hit us. One time was when the air-con filters have become really dirty and Second was when i forgot to bring Leia's sweater while we stayed in a cool place for hours. During these times, the Humidifier assisted us to get better quick. And upon constant research and over-seeing of what's new in the market, I chanced upon the Humidifier Liquids. These are Aromatherapy Blends for use with the Humidifier. I got one that's perfect for the rainy season which is Soothing - a blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon. Truly, within a day of using this with our Himidifier with this, our colds were relieved in an instant. There was never a need to go on medication.

Here's a List of the Benefits i found out on why we Need a Humidifier :

1. You will maintain the proper humidity level and increase the life of your home. It's been proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth by up to 99%. Plus the Ultrasonic Series runs very quiet.

2. Air-conditioning units contribute to Drying out the Air in our homes. Humidifiers are made to moisten the air. With this you can avoid dry and patchy skin. You can also avoid wood from splitting and wallpapers from peeling. Certainly a must-have aid in our homes.

3. Runny nose and dry cough are caused by the changing weather. Humidifiers helps in giving relief if you are sick and in preventing future illnesses. It helps in letting you breathe easier and sleep better. Plus, It can also lessen snoring.

4. Babies normally breather trough their nose during the first few months. Humidifiers help clear congestion and let's babies sleep better.

5. Our pets rely on humidity as much as we do. They also get dry skin and cold symptoms like dry cough. Humidifiers relieve the dryness in their airways this helps them get better soon.

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Share your thoughts, send me a message :) xoxo --- Rycee

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