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When you're just so tired and couldn't make much for dinner ~ these Lamb Chops saved the day!! Glad RustansFresh never run out of these Aussie Lamb Meat that's perfect even for everyday dinner. It's always east to prepare and no-sweat to cook - takes just 5minutes of your "precious" time Mommies ☺️ Ask me now if you'd like to know how. I might share a very simple recipe for you to try...

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The health benefits of Lamb Meat I Love:

1. excellent source of iron - being a red meat, it has more iron than fish and chicken

2. promotes a healthy nervous system - a rich source of Vitamin B12, along with B2, B3, and B5. All-Together, these B Vitamins keeps a good-functioning Nervous System.

3. immune-booster - lamb being a great source of Zinc, helps you fight off common illnesses (like colds) to serious infections like pneumonia!

4. a good source of the Healthy Fats - lamb is also rich in Omega-3 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). In fact most species of lamb contain more of these than cow's meat. These healthy fats will help you reduce fats in your body, improve lean mass and might help

you fight off cancer cells like that of breast cancer (can you believe that?!)

5. loaded with protein - as a type of meat and red-meat at that, lamb meat has enough vital protein. They even have the "complete" proteins that we need because it contains all essentail amino-acids our body need.

I know you're all craving for lamb meat as I am, I like it best served with mushroom soup with potatoes on the side or maybe corn and carrots too! If you'd like to know how to prepare Lamb Chops for Dinner - ask me how, send me an email and I'd love to chat with you soon!! Comment down your thoughts too, I'd be happy to learn from you too :)

Thanks Mommies xoxo ---Rycee

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