Nursing Time

Our favorite past-time spent in our favorite place in Rustan's ~ the Nursing Room. We Love learning about the things around us, or should I say - I always like asking Leia for the things around her. Here we are spending after-lunch in this very cute Nursery!! My go-to place for Breastfeeding and nap time for Leia when in Makati is now here! However, this room is too colorful that a playful toddler will not miss looking around! She keeps on talking names of the animals in the cove light and in here you'll see how she's happily identifying the pictures in the alphabet mural. Can you believe she can identify them all aside from "golf" ?! But then this little smart girl skips nap time.

We love visiting places that are kid-friendly and (most of all) fun! Most of all it should be safe and comfortable for both Mom and Baby. So what are my thoughts on having a Breastfeeding Area like this :

~ i like it that it's easily accessible in the children's area in Rustans

~ it's big enough to house like 5 or more Moms and companions (plus their strollers and stuff)

~ it's got comfy sofas and ottomans

~ there's a diaper changing table

~ the flooring is carpeted - very safe for toddlers

~ I love it that it's colorful but really it's distracting if you want to let your baby sleep

~ the (sliding) door opens wide so people from the hall will see you Breastfeeding (when you don't cover) so better take those seats when your back is facing the door

~ there's no staff taking charge (like outside maybe) in case you need assistance or whatever

~ I think there should be a wash area or Sanitizers not only for use after changing diapers but also before and after Breastfeeding.

~ There should also be a note that says, "changing soiled diapers should be done at the restroom" - it's a feeding area? So I guess it's proper that way plus so no smell will circulate inside.

~ over-all though it's a good place to rest yourself and your babies after hours of walking and shopping and also you can teach your babies from the colorful graphics inside

👍🏼 LeiasMomApproved

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