My 1st Christmas Giveaway

THANK YOU Very Much for all your love and support 💖 Specially to YOU, my blog subscribers because you all push me to do better to write meaningful articles 👍🏼 Rest-assured that there will be more useful tips for every Mom like me. I will continue to search and research to give all of you Mommies recommendations on the best products and services around the Metro.

And now that The Day has come to finally give back. I will be giving away P1,000 worth of items from my favorite brands for reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram.

If you've been following me for months already, then you'd know what are these brands these.

I'm a fan of all Baby-friendly and Mommy-useful products, and I post testimonials about this, so i want to share with you stuff form these brands who have been helping me get-through with my Motherhood journey.

I will be posting a Giveaway Fri-Yay! every Friday until Christmas. Mechanics will be up on my Blog every Thursday so subscribers and followers will get automatic notifications.

Snippets will also be posted in Instagram and Facebook so make sure you turn-on your Notification Settings.

Without further a-do, here's the FIRST #LeiasMomGiveaway :)

Being a Breastfeeding Advocate - I will be giving away a Mommy Treats Gift Pack to one amazing Breastfeeding Mommy.

This contains a 2-week Supply of their best-sellers Brownies, Super-Momma Cookies and Muffin Bites. Please read my blog on Mommy Treats to learn more on how this became my life-saver in Sustaining Breastfeeding this long :)

link ->

To qualify for the Giveaway, please follow the mechanics listed below :

For 1 entry (you must)

1. Follow me on Instagram

and Like my LeiasMomXMommyTreats Post (to be posted later Today)

2. Comment with your Full Name and Tag 3 Breastfeeding Moms like you on my IG Post Comments

3. Follow Mommy Treats on Instagram

+ 2 entries (additional entries)

1. Subcribe to my Blog

and Like this post "My First Christmas Giveaway"

2. Follow me on Facebook and Like LeiasMomXMommyTreats post (to be posted later today)

3. Follow Mommy Treats on Facebook

+ 1 entry (additional entry)

1. Follow my online shops Leia_Bunny_Collection and Bunny_Bead_Shop on Instagram

+ 1 entry (additional entry)

1. Tag 3 more Breastfeeding Moms like you on my IG Post Comments

NOTE : This Giveaway is open to All Breastfeeding Moms with addresses in MMla. only...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking time to join me in my Motherhood Journey and for trusting me as a Mom-Blogger. Enjoy the Giveaway!! Please make sure to follow mechanics to make your entry valid.

WINNER will be randomly drawn, posted and tagged on IG post next Saturday.


Goodluck Mommies :)

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