Comfiest Bra Ever

It's Girl Talk time and I'm sharing some good news fellow Ladies... My current favorite Bra from Coobie is now available via their new website! I have been seeing their stuff way back Plana Forma days but it's only when I got pregnant that I was able to purchase at The Parenting Emporium and now, I ended up as a really satisfied client ❤️

I've grown really bigger Post-pregnancy so I've been looking for a really comfortable Bra for everyday use plus a Nursing Bra since I'm a Breastfeeding Mom too. Thus, I've been curious to try it once when I'm at TPE (it's here that I realized too that I'm full-sized 😅 )

Hence, it did not disappoint, I liked it and I appreciate it even more that I use it too as a Nursing Bra.

Top Reasons Why I Love Coobie

~ it's seamless! so it's really comfortable even when wearing them for a whole day

~ their Nursing Bra gives a Breastfeeding Mom like me convenience anytime-anywhere

~ it grows and shrinks with you so you don't have worry when your size changes specially during maternity

~ I loved the Racerback feature because I don't worry on falling straps specially when Leia's with me in carrier.

~ you can also use it while sleeping or during light workout

~ they have various designs that you can even use as a camisole (I think I'd love to try the lacey ones next)

~ And the best thing about it - I'm using it for almost 2 years and it's still in very good shape!!

Check our more about Coobie on their new website

and subscribe to get their amazing deal.

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