Happy Oiling!

I'm glad to be Bringing the Benefits of using Essential Oils to our Home... I was so Excited to receive this "happy package" from last month. We receive mails at home every week, and this by far is the most precious of all. Due to my busy schedule and the need to declutter in our room first to give way for these lovely set, made me open them only now.

I have been seeing posts about the many health benefits of EOs to many. Needless to say, good health and well-being as the main reasons, I decided to push hesitation away and gave room to understanding it more. Upon comparing commonly-used brands reading more them about them, I gave in to choosing Young Living for us. The testimonies from avid-users and the pro-active community of friends using the same oils, made me believe that it is indeed the best choice for me and my family.

My BFFMoms helped me understand and learn prior to availing this Starter Kit. Then rightfully, like any other oil-lady - I have been hooked to know more ways on how I can maximize with all that I have. Today I am starting to try to use the most popular oil which is Lavander ~ made to help relax and keep calm.

Amazing Ways to Use Essential Oils

1. Aromatically (inhale)

- by putting few drops on your palm to inhale

- add a few drops to a bowl of hot water, cover yourself and the bowl then breathe

deeply and slowly

- use the oils to diffuse using YL diffusers

2. Topically (direct to the skin)

- place a few drops directly on the desired area then massage.

- to cover bigger areas, mix it with carrier oils

3. Internally (ingest)

- you can make your own capsule by placing drops of oil into an empty capsule

- mix drops of oil in your favorite healthy drink or water

- add drops of oil in your food

*make sure to read labels of each oil for further instructions*

The Premium Starter Kit already includes a Diffuser of your choice along with 10 bottles Essential Oils. It also comes with freebies such as an additional bottle of EO, sample bottles, roller glide, other product samples and EO product guide.

What's the best thing in all of this? Using Essential Oils can help us maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. There are countless benefits actually.

If you want to know more or you've been curious to try using Essential Oils - send me a direct message on Instagram @leias_mom and I'll be happy to chat or meet you to share more about it.

Happy Oiling Ladies :) ----- xoxo Rycee

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