Benefits of Free Play

Free Play is an important way of learning. It's how children learn and move on their own. It is unstructured and the activities are not dictated by adults. Little ones play and make-use of the things around them. It's necessary for their growth and development, parents should only be there to support and provide limits.

Also termed as Independent Play, Free Play provides a lot of benefits for the child by just giving her the freedom to choose which one of the toys they want to play.

1. Self-Confidence ~ trusting her self to follow her curiosity

2. Creativity ~ allowing her to make sure of the toys available for whatever pretend play she wants

3. Self-Reliance ~ the feeling of independence to do things on her own

4. Imagination ~ there's endless possibilities when children play so make sure they're able

to practice it

5. Physical Skills ~ Children develops both gross and fine motor skills when left to play on their own.

As much as you want playing with your little ones, there will be times that she'll prefer to be playing alone or with kids her age. She might just be needing your guidance or approval whether if she's doing it right or not. Just like when they started walking - they don't want you holding hands already, it's because they want to explore and learn by walking all by themselves.

Encourage your kids and don't hesitate to let them enjoy playing on their own. Shown on the photos is Leia playing with the ball and never letting it go, the whole time we are in Gymboree!

She really love playing with balls, so i just let her. Who says balls are just for boys?

Have Fun xoxo ---> Rycee

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