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Headaches has been one of the common problems many encounter specially if it has become recurring. It's mainly because of stress, while many of us associate it with over-thinking or information overload. I myself, easily get headaches. Most especially when there's thinning of air in a room and such feeling makes me really uncomfortable. A simple Dehydration or the Hot weather gives me headaches too. Like most people who experience this, so I always carry around a Pain reliever to ease the pain quick. But have you checked it's label??

When I Learned the many benefits of using Essential Oils, It made me realize that I myself can make my own blends using only naturally-occurring ingredients. Ive been using EOs not for long but I've already seen the good results it has brought upon me and my family. I use them mostly thru diffusing and also by skin application. Somehow, my worries come gone.

Read More about my Favorite Oils on my Blog and see how you can make your own too 😉

This Roller Bottle in particular is now inside my bag wherever I go. It has become my life-saver come my headache, and has been helpful in relieving the pain quick. It's all-natural and safe, so I'm assured that no harm chemicals will enter my body. It's also my Favorite Roller Bottle Blend ever since I started using Young Living Essentials Oils. I always have this handy, 'coz this small bottle fits even in my pocket.

Wondering what Essential Oils are inside? It's actually a blend of blend my favorite Oils ~ Lavander and Peppermint plus the amazing Panaway™

* Lavander and Peppermint are both widely-used EOs. My favorite being it's use to relieve stress and boost energy.

* Panaway™ or the "Pain Reliever" Oil Blend, (also included in the Starter Kit), contains Wintergreen, Helichrysum and Cove. They work great in reducing pain.

* This Roller Bottle blend is recommend

for those who experiences severe headaches and migraines and those who work for long hours. This magic potion is sure to help you out!

Watch out for more Essential Oil Blends useful for everyday living. If you're interested in availing Young Living Essential Oils ~ Use my Code 13161326 and send me a DM... I'll reciprocate it with Cashback 😊

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