Christmas Books

Can you believe it?! Christmas is just around the corner... in just a few more days so I'm sharing a book hoard to celebrate December 🎁

Here's our Christmas Books collection ~ well, our most recent hoard from a new bookstore i found. Did you know that reading books is my way of introducing Leia to Christmas?? She now knows Santa Claus (when before she got Really scared of him), Frosty (who's she fondly calls "circle, circle),

Rudolph the deer, and also the Elves.

And of course, Jesus needs no further introduction 'coz she knows Him even before she's still in my tummy! Yes, we pray together many times a day - just to show how grateful we are for the blessings each day. And just as I imagine Leia to be, she recognizes Jesus every time we see Him or Mama Mary wherever we go.

Reading books has been her favorite bedtime activity, she never gets tired of scanning the pages and pointing out on the characters. And she loves books with Touch&Feel, so if you find those kinds, buy it 'coz it makes them more entertained. Boardbooks works better for us, because she always wants to turn the pages herself, and still sometimes, she bites them too.

I love reading books to Leia, and she enjoys it the same. Here's some of the benefits and tips I'd like to share when reading to your child :

~ even if you only read a few pages every day, you get their attention quick when you're holding their favorite book

~ let them turn the pages, toddlers already play favorites, they always like you to read to them the parts they like

~ they will soon develop more love on books as they grow

~ it keeps them entertained when you use different voice tones, they just hearing you speak and it makes reading more fun when you use sounds too

~ run your fingers as you read the words so that they'll know if there's a need to turn already

~ ask questions, Leia loves the part of "Where's the ___ ?"

~ sing and make actions, make reading more lively

~ offer books by the Season, so they'll get acquainted with what's a fun activity to do during a particular season. Bring out Christmas Books now, and keep the Easter or Summer Books for later.

~ make it a routine, they'll get used to it, and like Leia, eventually they'll be the ones to ask you to read one for them.

Enjoy and Happy Bonding! ----- xoxo Rycee

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