Sensory Play

One of my Favorite activities with Leia is Playing with her toys at home. Because it's not only that we get to bond, but also I get to teach her while she, at the same time, enjoys and explores her toys.

In my Long List of To-Do's, creating a Sensory Play for Leia is one of my priorities. But I have been very busy the past weeks, and I'm too guilty that I haven't had time doing our Study Time routine.

I always observe Leia every time we're together and I see that she knows how to Play favorites already. I also see how much she loves animals, given that we have a Shih-Tzu to play with everyday. She recites animal names from the flash cards and mimic their sounds even in the morning when she wakes up. Soon, I'm planning to get her a small aquarium so she'll have a pet to take care.

Since I've come to realize how Leia adores animals, We're now collecting the Animal Planet Figurines from Ogalala. They look really nice and realistic! I only managed to buy a few pieces because the other available ones are not so common. I actually like that they have a wide assortment of species. Like for the dog, cat and bird - I saw like 2-3 kinds for each. Here we have few pieces for Pets, Barn and Zoo Animals.

Playing with these animal toys makes learning more fun. And there's actually quite a number of things you can do with it. Sensory Play plays an important role in your child's development. This type of play can help developer all her key senses and not just the sense of touch like what most of us think. Activities related to sensory play let's the children explore the world by means of playing with her toys and some other stuff that tickles her curiosity. It could be playing with different kids of texture, smelling of stuff or even tasting it.

Sensory Play develops Fine Motor Skills. These develop mainly by using their fingers like pinching, touching things with one finger, holding a stick or a straw or maybe tying up a lace! This time, we will try to make use of our Animal Collection in our Sensory Play in the next few weeks. Watch out for my posts on that.

Meanwhile, here are some of the fun activities you can try yourselves too with your Animal Figurines ~ I think they're messy-fun to do! We're excited to try and let Leia's creative mind do the work!

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