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Happy Weekend Mommies! Leia is already on the stage where she picks what book I should read to her and she also turns to her favorite pages like she's memorizing them.

We both love bunnies and it's coincidental that we have a lot with Bunny characters.


We love reading Bedtime Stories... It's a form of bonding for us and I get to relax as well too. Leia gets really excited that before sleeping time, she hands me over books that I should read to her. Check out our favorites and why :

Top 5 Picks

1. GoodNight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

- first published in 1947 featuring a baby bunny who's saying goodnight to all that she can see in her room

- the best bedtime story for Leia, I can now even recite the whole book because of reading it to her almost every day!

- at first I ddnt come to realize as to why it's a hit to babies and kids... but I realized it's simplicity and the word "goodnight" when repeated a lot makes them really attached to it

- Leia likes that part "and the Quiet old Pady who's whispering hush" and put her finger in her mouth to say "ssshhh"

2. Curious George and the Bunny by H.A. Rey

- a story of hide-seek, George (a monkey) and a Bunny

- it teaches responsibility and how you're going to take care of your own actions

- I like to read this during the Daytime Story with the other kids too

- Leia particularly likes this because of the monkey and the bunny characters

3. Guess How Much I Love You

by Sam McBratney

- it always includes simple words "I Love You" on every page

- light-hearted, direct to the point and as high up to the moon

- it's a nice story between a small and big hare and how they measure their love for each other

- Leia likes to hear I Love You's even if she still cannot say it

4. So Many Bunnies by Rick Walton

- this is a nice Bedtime-Alphabet and Counting Book

- it shows how Mother Bunny puts to bed all her 26 children and still finds time to do her other chores

- Leia likes me pouting at the letters and numbers, and particularly likes the page with 6,7,8 in it.

- you can ask your kids to point to the many items you can find in every page or ask them to identify the ones you point out.

5. I Love You Little One by Nancy Tarufi

- a cute book about (curious) different characters asking her Mama "Do you Love Me..." and it always ends with "...Forever and Ever"

- Leia likes seeing the several animal Characters and their babies. The curious in her listens as I speak with different tones.

- You might just miss it, but it starts with a conversation of animals from Morning and ends with a Mommy and her little girl before she falls asleep in bed. Lovely!

So those are our Top 5 Leia's Favorite Books and how we have come to love each of them.

I hope Leia grows to be a bookworm because it will help her increase her knowledge and expand her vocabulary.

Thanks for taking time to read... I hope you get to learn a thing or two from these.....

xoxo ---Rycee

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