Out of this World Finds at the Grand Baby Fair

There's so much buzz from the recent weekend's Grand Baby Fair Year 8 by Baby Company. A lot of Moms and Dads made time to score on the amazing deals offered by more than 200 brands present in the event. Due to my busy schedule, I was able to check the fair only last Sunday - and I tell you, the crowd was still crazy even on it's first operating hour!

This is my third time going to the Baby Fair in Megamall, my first time was when I was still pregnant with Leia wherein I hoarded x5 of what I did last weekend with a 5mo. old little Leia still in my tummy. It was a fun shopping day but (my being choosy) some of the brands on my list weren't there. From what I observe, Baby Company has a list of particular brands only that goes in the fair. Probably these are the popular brands sold in their stores, or maybe those they find most salable even if new in the market. But still the wide variety is still present.

Last Sunday, most of the stocks from the ones im rooting for ran out already! I wanted to buy Aveeno and Nosh also, and also great deals from Japan-made Diapers but because of so many hoarders from the previous days, I wasn't able to get any Aveeno, only 1 Nosh flavors that's left, and no Leia's sizes on diapers . There's a lot of brands offering great deals though! And this Baby Fair is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Soon-to-be Moms or Pregnant Moms because of the variety from newborns and up. One QUICK TIP I can share is that, do research first prior to buying something specially if it's in bulk. The best thing also is to try the product with one or a few first prior to hoarding because not all products tested by other Moms or by your Friends will suit you or your baby. ALWAYS REMEMBER that one baby's sensitivity differs from another.


- For first-timers, its BEST TO COME ON THE PREVIEW SALE OR ON FRIDAY MORNING for lesser crowd and still many stocks.

- Make sure to BRING A COMPANION and don't bring kids. The hallways are narrow and the whole place gets really crowded during peak hours so it's difficult if your also pushing your stroller and kids around.

- PRIORITIZE, Target the ones that you really to buy. I don't think you will be needing all stuff there, otherwise you will be over-buying. It's not practical for me to hoard unless it's super cheap - though a Sale like happens only once a year.

- check out the EXPIRY DATES too and how long do you think your baby will be able to use or consume it.

- QUALITY over quantity always works best for me. Don't buy it if you think its cheap and yet you wont use it because you realize you don't need it.

- EXPECT A HUGE CROWD and long CheckOut lines on peak hours.

- If in case you're shopping alone and you have 5 bags with you after, there are STAFF ALLOTTED to help you carry your shopping bags so don't you worry about that.


There are so many awesome deals and great bargains from (almost all) in-demand baby brands. They offer discounts in bulk or even sells their products at Buy1Take 1. Make sure you've checked out all the deals and the products that most suit you. Remember, the cheaper one may not be really practical to buy or the expensive one might not really of the best quality for your baby. Wasn't able to take nice photos 'coz of the crowd that day but Here are some of the best deals offered during the Gand Baby Fair. Feast On it! If you haven't been, don't miss this out next year as it happens every last weekend of January!


When I went to the Fair, I reminded myself not to spend a lot if I can. Besides Leia being a toddler already and might not be needing so much from there, we also have Stocks of her stuff (like consumables) at home (I bought during Online Sales also) that could help her survive up to 6months. This is true ~ but I love going to Baby Fairs that is. So, my goal is to find what we really need at the moment and not think much of the future. And I gave myself a ceiling budget of P5,000 or a little more so I can also score a Free Swag Bag with my purchases. Here's what I got for P5,000 and the Freebies. Most of the products i got we have been using for a few months only. The others are items i feel worth trying. I also bought from my trusted brands also. Here's my Grand Baby Fair loot!


After all that jazz, I'm encouraging you all to let's Start Saving for the next Grand Baby Fair. But remember to spend time checking out the products first before buying them because it's safer to use chemical-free and toxin-free items for your little one. And also, take good care of your health by Taking supplements and eating healthy food (specially if you're Breastfeeding).

See You on the next fair!! What do you think the Theme will be by then? hhmm...

xoxo ---Rycee

Leia's Mom

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