Starting the New Year with Mompreneurs!

With Janice Villanueva, Tiffany Tuazon, MommyBFFs, fellow MomBloggers and Mompreneurs

Last weekend became another opportunity for me to attend Mommy Mundo's First Mompreneur Meet-Up for 2018. With the theme "Start the Year Right", it's goal is to encourage soon-to-be mompreneurs or those both new and established mompreneurs already to keep on focusing on their goals and believe that success is just within reach.

The Workshop's Panelists include Tiffany Tuazon of The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, Emm Sulit of Game Changer and Hunt and Gather PH, and Aurora Suarez a Life Coach and Author. The talk was hosted by none other than Janice Villanueva, the Founder of Mommy Mundo.

Janice Villanueva, Tiffany Tuazon, Emm Sulit and Aurora Suarez

I have the chance to meet these amazing women (except for Aui) way back during my pregnancy days and I have seen how they really work hard and do best in their chosen fields. Tiffany was very dedicated to her Mom and Baby essentials shop and Emm was seen almost everywhere doing marketing events and the like. On th other hand, Aui, have been great in promoting her advocacies and life-coaching through her blog and book, Sunday Night Journal.

Along with the events line-up of discussion, I'm also blessed to be among several Mompreneurs who were all eager to learn and support fellow moms in a special event like this. Present with me are my MommyBFFs who were ready to take notes and insights from these succesful ladies' experiences and stories.

Being a small-time Mompreneur myself, I am happy to bump-into and be recognized by some of the established Businesswomen in the market. I love how connection with the ladies have built a friendship-like bond even if you only get to chat via social media platforms. I was amazed how technology made people closer with just a push of the button to Like ro Follow.

With Lorina Tan of Tiny Buds

With Moe of Stephen Jospeh PH

With Vanessa, (MommyBFF) of Voila!

There's a lot of takeaways and words of wisdom from Tiffany, Emm and Aui, even with Janice as well. They have proven how life's challenges can be overcome as long as you have the will to push with your dreams. Let me share with you the following :

"Don't Focus on you Weaknesses, Know your Strengths"

"Start Low, Don't be too Aggressive"

"Be Clear on what you Want"

"People make things happen for you, these people will help you Get There"

"Do small things, that Makes you Happy'

I have learned that whatever it is that I'm planning to make or start this year, make sure that it will improve myself and my life. I should make progressions, even if with little steps, to fullfill my heart's desires. Be brave to take action, because without it, it can lead you nowhere. 2018 is a Good Year to Start ANew and let every day of this year be a Blessing for all :)

With my MommyBFF and Sister-from-another-Mother, Rachelle

xoxo --- Rycee

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