Gift Ideas for Moms this Valentine's Day

Look no further and spare yourself the guesswork this VALENTINE'S DAY as we compiled the BEST GIFT IDEAS "Worthy of Mom". I've partnered with my #MommyBFF Rachelle to bring you awesome finds perfect for the coming VDay. These are gifts we would love to receive ourselves. We are happy to be supporting and putting under the limelight products which are also Created (mostly) by Moms - For Moms!


1. Clothes from @shop.myka.limchoc

For busy moms who don't have the luxury of time to plan the day's ootd but still want to look put together, these stylish tops can instantly add ooomp even if you're wearing jeans, skirt or shorts. choose from the different styles and colors available. Dresses launching soon.

Price: P550 (Harlow red top and Fiona maroon top)

2. Curated box from @winsomebox

What do you give a mom who seems to have it all? Treat her to a gift filled with well-curated, luxurious items that she doesn't realize she need not until she had her eyes on them.

Elevated gift-giving is what Winsome Box is all about. So sit back, relax and let them do the curating for you as this is what they do best.

Price : varies per set

3. Lash Serum & Lotion Bar from @voilaph

Say goodbye to lash extensions and sparse eyebrows. Made with all-natural ingredients which promote hair growth, cold-pressed castor oil, aloe vera extract and castor oil, this magic wand is a safe and effective way to make your lashes and brows thicker and stronger. Apply to brows and lashes before bed and before you finish the tube, voila! - lush lashes! Made with a rich base of coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter, the Lotion Bar is sure to leave your skin soft and supple. As an added bonus, the SPF in the shea butter makes them an excellent protector for short-term sun exposure while the essential oils add extra care to you're skin's natural beauty. Available in Bliss, Bloom and Balm and in varying shape and sizes, these would make the perfect Valentines gift for the special women in your lives who deserve to be spoiled and pampered sans parabens.

Price: P199 Lash Serum

4. Cold-pressed juices from @creativefruitsandveggies

This is for the health-conscious momma who needs to have that extra boost in energy. A bottle a day of this healthy goodness is a convenient way to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Did you know that taking juices allows your digestive system to take a break? Those who goes through cleansing can benefit from juices as it provides the body with the nutrients it needs while you detox. Gift the gift of health with cold-pressed juices!

Price: Starts at P100 for 250ml

5. Love & Light Candle by Coach Kimilu from @scentful_living

Who wouldn't love to bask under the glow of a scented candle taking in the scent while submerged under the bathtub? With or without a bathtub, lighting this 6oz natural soy wax candle with notes of Bergamot, Iris, Lilac, Vetiver, Caramel, Amber, Agarwood, Patchouli, and Vanilla creates a comforting and grounding fragrance to make you feel relaxed and meditative. Send love, good thoughts, prayers and well wishes to your beloved by lighting this candle.

Price: P850

6. Earrings from @missoliviaph

For that millennial momma who can rock tassel or tulle flower drop earrings, they would love to own a pair from Miss Olivia. Don't underestimate the power of wearing a pair of trendy earrings - these can brighten up a rather dull outfit, accentuate your face and create a powerful statement!

Price: P75 to P150 a pair

7. Lace Bra from

The right bra can empower moms to feel good while ticking off everything from their never-ending to-do list. What should one look for in a bra because most women take this for granted. Check the fit, comfort, price and quality. The design is usually just secondary. Coobie, dubbed as the comfiest bra ever fits all the criteria.. Check out their page to see more styles.

Price: P1,200 Lace bra

8. Happy Pots from @lovelylucymanila

There are moms who still want to receive flowers during Valentines day. These flower pots from @lovelylucymanila doesn't wilt and can serve as a great centerpiece at home, as a coffee table accent or something to brighten up a work desk.

Price: P500 to P800

9. LetterBox from

We're all into Status Posts and statement Notes everyday. These cute LetterBox Boards from are perfect for your everyday thoughts! Moms need some words of encouragement and sometimes we, too send things out for spreading good vibes. Why not make your Instagram posts note-worthy plus you can always build words with it anytime!

Price: P1,600 / Set

10. Express Gel Polish from @happyskin

Moms love to have some me-time and going to the nail salon is always a need. But what if time doesn't permit or it's no-leaving-your-baby-at-home game? Well, we got you covered with this.

Happy Skin released their Nail Polish line and everyone is in a mad dash to get their hands on these. Why? Because it's a Gel-finish polish that's chip-resistant and long-wearing. Plus it's Made of vegan-formula, free from 10 toxic ingredients and the best thing is, you don't need a UV Lamp for drying. Perfect for moms who is always on-the-go with their kids!

Price: P249 Regular | P299 Sanrio

11. Bare Crates from @ps.craftswithsoul

Who doesn't love getting their stuff organized? Well, moms for sure are great fans of storage boxes! Personally, wooden boxes that are well-made should be on top of our list! It's not only pleasing to the eyes but durability is important specially when you have kids around.

Check out these nice storage boxes. Did you know that they are individually designed and hand-painted to make each piece extra special and unique.

Price: P550 Size 8X11X2 inches

12. Superfoods in powder form @herbilogy

Who doesn't want Superfoods in their diet? Moms need that extra energy and a better immune system to take of everyone in the family. When we're so busy taking care of the family's health, we should also be on tip-top shape to do so. Here's some of the ready-made superfoods we can just add up to our food and drinks! It's Organic and Pure, non-refined or enriched with any other ingredient like preservatives or chemicals. It's perfect for over-all wellness and as preventive health care.

Price: P395 per pouch

13. Healthy Snacks from @ohsohealthy

We all love eating healthy and yummy at the same time, right? Moms, don't usually have time to make their own snacks just because their always busy with work or busy taking care of their little ones. Well, this might save the day. Healthy Fruits that you can bring and eat with you anywhere - why not! These Fruit Crisps are both good and nutritious too, so there's no feeling guilty eating chips anytime even if front of your kids!

Price : P598/ 6packs

14. Dark Chocolate and Choco Peanut Cake from @JertiesKitchen

If you're conscious of your daily-calorie intake, these sweets are perfect for you. Who doesn't want Chocolates when Valentine's should be the sweetest day of the year? Grab these Dark Choco or Banana Choco-Peanut Cake that's Vegan, Gluten-Free and Low Glycemic! There's no guilt overloading yourself with sweets this month. Besides, every Mom needs these Chocolate Cakes as reward.

Price : P1,500 / 8"

15. Jar of Hope and Jar of Healing from @indigobabyshop

We all love being All-Natural 'coz during these times using products with chemicals do no-good for our skin and our body. We're glad to find Skin-Safe and Baby-friendly products for Moms and Babies to use . We Love products by Indigo. Their First-Aid Gel and Healing Balm is a Must-Have for any Mom just because we need that extra-fast solution whenever something unexpected happens. These are made of Essential Oils that's perfect for Aromatherapy too! You can use them on anything, anytime you want. These are even safe for use by your little ones too.

Price : P450 / Jar

16. Cashew Butter and Raw Honey from @sarsified

If you're looking for yummy jarred sweets, we've found some unique giftable ideas for you. Here's Sarah's Artisanal Treats ~ Cashew Butter, Strawberry Marmalade and Pure Raw Honey are their Best-sellers! They're guaranteed using fresh and finest ingredients. You can find them in several shops carrying local brands or head on to the page to know more.

Price : P335 / Cashew Butter | P450 / Raw Honey

17. Customised Tote Bags from @goodbagph

Personalized items make thoughtful gifts as there's no denying that you have the recipient in mind. It sends a message to the recipient that they are well-thought of. Ask any mom and you will find out that moms these days are never without a tote bag when they leave home. Good Bag PH can create the bag of your dreams - monogram, logo, colorful prints. Name it, they can do it.

Price : varies

18. Crystal and Diffuser Bracelets from @loveahbeads

These Crystal Bracelets with Lava Beads -not only is fashionable and a great accessory. It also keeps harm away, and :

- Attracts goodl luck

-enables self-sufficiency

-helps release emotions

-brings happiness and joy

- helps in digestion

Price : P450 & up

19. Leather Bags from @bagoh.philippines

For that working mom, mompreneur, mom who loves to travel, these sturdy leather bags can hold all your essentials - this can even be a diaper bag. Stylish and functional, these bags can take you anywhere. Choose from the many colors the have!

Price : P170 - 1500

20. Twinning pjs from @happmumandbub

Spend a little more time snuggled up in bed with your huggable little humans in dreamy, matching prints. Sleepwear in pretty prints will make you doze off to slumber land with happy thoughts.

Price : P1,000


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