Shopping at the Landers Super-Sale

The LANDERS SUPER CRAZY SALE started already so I took the time to make it to the Superstore today so I can share your my own #MommyFinds with everyone!

We arrived at 9am, the store opening hours but the parking was already more than half-full. There was already a good number of people inside, yet we see no lines so I guess we came in such a right time. I'm excited to share my superstore finds with you, so expect to see see so many photos following this.


But before that, let me give out some POINTS TO REMEMBER before heading to a Sale like this. you know how things go crazy...


- Sleep Early the Night before, you will need an extra energy to go through all those aisles

- Wake Up Early and Eat a Hearty Breakfast! You will need that fuel

- Ask someone to go with you, preferably a guy who can help you push a full shopping Cart!

Although kids are welcome, I suggest not bringing them along. The crowd gets really thick past lunchtime and they might be easily tired going all around with you.

- Make a List of Things to Buy and also Check out the Landers page for Sale Items posted so you can take note

- Dress Light, Wear Comfy Shoes and Bring a Small Pouch for your essentials only

- Bring Reusbale or Ecobags because it's always a good thing to think of the environment too while shopping

- Stay Happy and Excited as you go to toe Shopping! Remember to buy only the things you need and do not over-indulge with all the promo prices. It's better to always check on your Savings!

There you go, now let me share with you the GREAT BARGAINS i found when i shopped for SALE today. I'm also including their prices so you can check - let me know your thoughts!




And the Best-Find of them all is the P1 Canvass Bag

So these are what we got :)

What are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest Landers after work or Shop this weekend! There were no lines or long cues going in and at check-out - it was a breeze shopping today.

Hope you enjoyed my finds. See you Super Soon ;D

xoxo --- Rycee

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