A Day with The Dinosaurs Around the World

One time while in BGC we had the chance to pass by the Mind Museum and saw there's a Dinosaur exhibit they're having. Since Leia is being fond of the ancient reptiles, we tried letting her see them up-close and look if she's going to be scared. Well, she enjoyed it!

The outdoor exhibit alone was amazing as there were 2 life-sized moving Dinosaurs, so it's really pretty very realistic. This area was intended for interactive play and more of hands-on activities for both kids and adults. There are also a lot of articles and information about the Dinosaurs you can take a look and learn from.

Leia loves the area were kids can play as Paleontologists trying to find bones hidden under the sand. She likes that she can play with both brushes and the sand, and the other kids around likes it too.

The other half of the exhibit is located indoors. Here you can see a lot more Dinosaurs displayed and also in-motion. They are segregated per period they existed with descriptions of them and all.

It's really a feast for those who are interested on learning about the Jurassic Period, etc. It's almost unbelievable that once before these creatures are walking on earth and living on where we are at now. We enjoyed the Exhibit and was amazed at how it was put together. Surely, we will be visiting the Museum again soon!

Check out the Dinosaurs Around the World only Until March 4 at The Mind Museum in Taguig or head-on to their website for more details - https://www.themindmuseum.org/

Hope you enjoyed reading! Thank You xoxo --- Rycee

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