Easter-themed Books for Kids

Since we are in the Season of Easter and the Holy Week is fast approaching, I am sharing with you the books we have about Easter and Jesus. Leia is fond of religious books since we always pray to Jesus at least three times a day and she's also familiar of the Church already specially on Sundays when we attend Mass.

1. The Story of Jesus

by Patricia Pingry

Leia loves this book so much and I understand why because the Stories of Jesus (based on the Bible) are told using simple words and no long stories. In here, the children will learn about Jesus' ministry, His miracles, and how He loves us all.

2. Where are Baby's Easter Eggs

by Karen Katz

Where could the Easter Eggs be? Leia loves this book because it's colorful and even shiny! This book will show children (like the Baby on the story) how to look for the eggs through flip-flap pages. This is perfect for first-time Easter Egg Hunt attendees. Leai like the flip-flap activity that she always tries to open and close them.

3. Happy Easter Mouse ​​

by Laura Numeroff

Join the Mouse on her own Easter Egg Hunt. This story combines learning about colors and numbers too! Leia enjoys this book because of it's few sentences and so its easier for children to comprehend.

4. Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter

by Grace Maccarone

This Story is all about how Peter Rabbit became the Easter Bunny. Children will all learn the history behind the Easter Egg Hunt. Leia like this book a lot because of two things, the rabbit and eggs.

5. The Story of Easter Paperback

by Patricia A. Pingry

This book tells us the meaning of the Easter using colorful illustrations.

The Children will learn about the story of Jesus' life, Resurrection, and his eternal love for us all. Leia loves this book because it's all about Jesus!

Hope you find these books worth reading like we do. May we inspire you and your kids to love books and reading specially this Easter Season when it's best to read all about the Life of Jesus.

Thank You! xoxo --- Rycee

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