ReUse and ReHydrate

Presenting this Cool Bottle that Keeps you Chilled but not only that!

REUSABLE is the HOT new way to STAY COOL! Hello Long Weekend... and while most people are taking advantage of this by going on vacations and beach trips, let's not forget to HYDRATE and REPLENISH.


On most days, it becomes hotter specially during midday. It is a must for us to drink lots of fluids to compensate the sweat we release. We all love taking-in cold water mostly ‘coz it’s perfect during this season but let us always remember to keep our drinking water in re-usable containers or tumblers. Avoid buying water or drinks by the "plastic bottles" or what we call "single-use containers" because it will most probably turn to "waste" after and may decompose only after so many years!


DID YOU KNOW THAT by the Year 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean? Only 10-20% of the water bottles that goes to waste are actually recycled, so where does the 90% go - probably littering the environment. So it is a must that we do our own share to protect the planet that we live in. Take small steps by avoiding the use of plastic specially the non-biodegradable ones. In my case, I'm using this Montii Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle I bought from Bright Brands PH .


This bottle is amazing in so many ways! Here's why :


- 24hours cooling

- Wide mouth opening making it easy to add ice cubes!

- Stays Hot for 8 hours!

- Double walled stainless-steel Stylish bamboo lid.

- Screw to open, so it's water-tight.

- Handle and carabiner included – so you can take and attach it anywhere!

- So many fun colors to choose from (including pink)

- Scratch and Dent resistant finish (winning feature here!!)

- NO plastic that comes into contact with our drink (Silicone seal only)


By encouraging and promoting reusable containers and bringing your own water along, we can not add to the budding number of plastic waste we produce every second - YES, EVERY SECOND!


Do your Share and Save More - not just monetary savings but SAVING LIVES as well.

xoxo --- Rycee


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