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There's a lot of Advocacies on Saving the Environment lately and my Favorite ones are "Re-Use to Reduce" and "No to Single Use". My own small and simple steps to help save the environment involves raising awareness of what we can do by simply starting it in our own homes. What are the ways? We try to re-use all kids of packaging, bring eco-bags when shopping to refuse the bag, and by bringing your own water bottle.


There have been a lot of products actually that would mean reducing the amount of trash we produce every day. And by reading articles about saving the earth we live in, I have come across this cool product that looks both stylish and cool! I have never imagined it before that there will be a time in which we will be using steel straws like this. Thus, I immediately looked for a supplier and saw Sip PH.


I'm guilty of using plastic straws when dining out even just for water! So I found this really useful for me, and for Leia too. It's become a travel essential and a must-have in our bag. And when it comes to aiming to reduce the amount of single-use plastics that goes to waste immediately after one use, consider ReUsable Straws like that's made made out of Stainless Steel. And worry not coz you can clean it using the small brush included in the set. Can you believe that it also comes with a bigger straw that's a perfect pair for milk tea lovers like myself!


Here's an even better news! In celebration of EARTH DAY 2018 ~ "Refuse the Straw".

I'm giving away Sip Steel Straw duo sets for you and your MommyBFF plus SurePrize Items too!


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Thank You xoxo ---Rycee

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