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Animal Figurines, Art Materials, Activity Sets, Toys and more ON SALE!

This is one of those times that I get to bring along Leia to a Sale with me. We attended the first day of the Back to School Sale at Richwell Center, so there were only few people with us looking around. My little girl is actually doing her thing too. She's also searching for her own finds and is happily going around the venue on her own.

Toys and Activity Sets are what I'm primarily after, there were not much choices though, but yes, they're all on super sale!

I was able to find Last Pieces of these items (that follows) and they're actually very cheap already but still in good condition (except for one). I was lucky to Leia some Animal Planet figurines which are still lacking from our collection, at really low prices.

Yes! Unicorn :)

Scentsations <3

Leia is a fan of all things that roll and bounce!

Travel Packs!

Out of this World Clay

Hatching Eggs

Painting Tools

Coloring Sets! This one has somehting missing in it.

DIY Fancy Shades

Art Activities for your Kids

Coloring Books

Our favorite rack - coz Animal Figurines!

Pigeon and other brands for Babies

Safety First - Strollers, Cribs and High Chairs

On the other side of the Hall, you can find stuff for bigger kids. There are clothes and shoes, and even fancy dresses for special occasions.

This pair at -50% off too!

So many amazing deals and great finds!

Check out the SALE asap to get hold of these items and not run out of stock...

Back To School SALE is happening NOW at

8F, Richwell Center, Timog Avenue, QC

There is also a Warehouse SALE at the Ground Floor for more Clearance Items :)

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(valid until July 31,2018)

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Thanks for All your Love and Support ---- xoxo Rycee

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