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Plan Toys selection at Bonifacio High Street

I am always on the look-out for really nice toys with a purpose for Leia. Though you've all seen that we have lots of toys already and even activity sets of different kinds, I still have this habit of buying one when I find that it suits her age and interest at the moment. So what toys have we been up to lately? You're right ~ Educational and Open-ended Toys! These are the toys that are fun to play with and enhances your child's brain development at the same time. Open-ended Toys can be played in different ways and can suit the mood or the season your child is in. Playing with these toys foster Imaginative Play and Creativity of your child.

I have no particular brand or a preferred store to buy toys from but what I always make sure is that the toys I buy are of high quality and does not easily break or deform in the event that Leia throws or drops them accidentally. You know how Toddlers still behave at this point. I'm really losing patience at times but I understand that kids will be kids. It is also essential to offer only a few toys at a certain time. This will help your child focus on one toy at a time only. It's also the same with books, you offer them by the season. When it's Summer, you let her play colorful and outdoors toys, while when it's rainy, you give her toys she can enjoy even when inside the bedroom. It also depends on your strategy and how you would like your kids to learn from her toys through the different activities you offer.

On one of our weekend strolls I chance upon the Hobbes and Landes Flagship Store at Bonifacio High Street. I just love this store 'coz it isn't the usual store that sells any toy in the market, they have a variety of limited editions to best-sellers to wooden and realistic ones! There's just an array and I like it. One of the brands I actually like from their selection is Plan Toys. I have seen it being posted by several moms too and I have actually looked upon these quickly on my previous visits to Hobbes. This time I was overwhelmed with their wide selection here that it looks like I want to buy half of them! Spot that photo from above.

Toys that's perfect for Newborns to 1 year olds.

PlanToys® = Sustainable Play

This mission has been an effort to bring forth Sustainable and Eco-friendly products to homes across the globe. Their products do not mainly aim to enrich the minds of the children but also instill values of respect to our natural resources by helping save the environment.

Loving the colorful look of these dinosaurs.

Here are some of my Top Picks of Open-Ended Toys for Toddlers. There's really a lot to choose from but these are what I will most certainly buy for a very active girl like Leia. I really like wooden toys 'coz there's just so much mixed feels when you're playing with them, don't you moms prefer it too?

Their best-seller, and i wasn't able to score one again (this one's reseved already)

This caught my eyes too, as it looks really fun to play with your little ones.

Oh my Love for Pastels - perfect for your little girls!

Arcs or Curves has limitless play possibilities

These water blcoks are a colorful addition to your unique toys!

These cubes you can use for learning Math too.

Puzzles like this will really make your toddler think.

One of my current favorites to look for and these beads can be played different ways!

This Geometric Sorting Board will make your little ones entertained with colors too!

I really like fun toys like this for Leia to play too.

And in case you're up for some fun during your travel or stops on a road trip, they have these Minis too that you can easily pack along even in your small bags.

So, that's it for my dose of something useful to buy for your kids. Im sure we all have our own preferences but this list will probably add up to your 'must-buy toys' soon enough. You might think that some of it here are too complex to play with for your smaller kids but teaching and guiding them will help them learn and discover the different possibilities to play with their toys. Remember, "Play is the Work of the Child".

Hope you enjoyed reading! xoxo --- Rycee

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