Super Crazy Sale!

The day has come again, for people to head over to the biggest sale in town -

Landers Super Crazy Sale!

Landers is now celebrating their second year with even more bargain items for everyone! Talk about -50% off on lots of items plus more stuff at Buy 1 Take 1 ;D

I'm seeing discounts on almost half of the items sold - that's why people are really going crazy to op here!

We went to Balintawak branch this morning and I didn't expect such a huge crowd already. They opened earlier, like today at 7am, 'coz the customers start to pile up. At 10am, cars lined up in EDSA almost reach Congressional already, there's a long line to get pushcarts and a super long line for checkout (both regular and priority lanes). Well, this is how shopping for sale looks like now even for an ordinary day. So, I'm giving you tips again on how you can prep before heading to a very popular sale like this.

How to Survive "Shopping for Sale" Tips :

1. Come early, 7am is the best time to leave home and probably 8am to reach the store considering the morning rush traffic plus high demands of getting a Grab car.

2. Eat a heavy meal, you'll need to be fueled-up for this kind of adventure. Bring along a water bottle - i tell you, you'll need one.

4. Wear comfortable clothes and light make-up only. There are lots of people so expect that it gets hot one some areas. I wore a sleeveless top and shorts yet i got sweaty. Comfy pair of shoes is a must! walking along all the aisles, standing in long lines and more can really make your heels achy.

5. Bring 1-2 companions. One can help you fall in line for faster checkout and another one who can help you go through all the aisles again and again.

5. It is not recommended to bring children (like those in strollers) and older people (specially those in wheelchairs). These Sales are not kid or older-people friendly. The aisles get really cramped and uneasy to go through due to the huge crowd that's inside the premises at a given time. In addition, some of the aisles had lines going though for checkout!

6. It is easier if you have a grocery list with you so as not to forget anything you wish to buy beforehand. But i suggest you go through all the aisles and racks so as not to miss any sale item worth buying. Remember, Sale don't happen often and sometimes, there are stuff that's really cheap.

7. Make sure you have an extra cash in case the credit card terminals don't work unexpectedly.

8. Get all dry goods first and perishables or fresh food last. The long lines can get the hot out of your roasted chicken.

9. Stock up on items with longer expiry dates and don't get much of those expiring within the year.

10. Lastly, take care of your personal belongings, don't let your stuff be unattended. Keep close watch of your companions and children too. You know how much of a hassle if in case you lost something or someone.

My Crazy Sale Top Picks

I am sharing with you some of my Top Picks from what I have searched through the racks and sasicles I have been to. It was not an easy task to check for all the items. I think what I have here is not even half of the good deals there is from the Sale. These pictures however, will give you much of an idea of what to expect from the stuff in Landers. It may be different from what you like or what you're searching for, but these primarily are what i call, #MommyFinds. I hope the prices and description are clear in my photos. I wish you'd somehow appreciate the effort. (Flooding of Photos Ahead)

In some of the photos, you'll either see a hand like this one on top or the whole of Leia.

My daughter clearly enjoys shopping with Mom and sitting on the floor & playing drums.

Lots of Discounts and Bargains on Grocery's Best-sellers!

These Dry Gods are on Buy 1 Take 1!

I guess Coffee is really a must-have in every home, it's gone in just 2 hours!

Some of the Household favorites are on Sale too!

How can I miss? Fresh Packs are on Sale too!

So there goes, my own selection of Sale Items worth buying, in unedited photos... 'Coz Life with a Toddler is... Like... this. Unfiltered ;D

Hope you enjoyed browsing and reading and looking over my Tips and Picks. 'Til the next!

P.S. Renew your Landers Membership Card until June 30 to avail of -50% :)

Thank You! xoxo ---Rycee

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