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The cool company during the YumBox Event by Bright Brands and Bento by Kat

I have the privilege to be invited by Cheryl of Bright Brands to attend their first Private Workshop with Bento by Kat. I have never done anything artsy with food and for me doing bento is really a fun way of food presentation. Bento is a way of art and crafts but using food and the tools you use in the kitchen. It got me really excited 'coz a hands-on event like this is something new for me. Plus i got to meet new and old faces, and it's always something I look forward to in events.

Kat Maderazo - the amazing Bento-expert behind Bento by Kat.

Leia and I are soo excited to try doing Bento, look at our matching aprons!

Here's what were gonna be using - meat, vegetables and rice!

Getting started with our Bento, preparing to color the rice brown using soy sauce.

Leia's got her own personalized YumBox from Bright Brands and Sticky Business Mnl.

Some things to put in mind before doing a Bento. I seriously think that its only for the artsy, 'coz patience doing the details is very important.

The set-up in Rustan's is super! We get a whole table to ourselves and Kat really goes around to make sure every one gets the job correctly.

Things/ Tools You Need

Cutters (shapes)

Cutters (Face / Animals)

Punchers (for seaweeds or thin sheets)

Food Dividers and Props

Sauce Containers

Silicone Cups and Small Containers


Picks (Colorful and Cute)

Tools (Knives / Tweezer/ Scissors)

Pro Tip : Things you need in the Kitchen shall not be used for other things

like cutting paper or plastic, etc (or for school stuff use)

The Basics of Making the Alpaca

Kinda looks easy-peasy, but it's not! well, for a first-timer like me, I can say that this could take up so much time compared to doing the usual baon for your kids.

You basically need to mold rice into the shape of the Alpaca using the Cling wrap.

Me trying out how to form my Alpaca.

Amber and her kids, serious in doing their stuff!

Emm and little Max must be enjoying this!

Go Jackie Go and Kids.

Nina and her pretty girls.

Christine and her kids

The Finished Product

Thankful to Cheryl and Kat for making such an event possible!

My seatmates Aliza and Em are such fun to to chat with!

Wow! Such an awesome event. I may be lacking photos but they're all in my own memory. Looking forward to another one Kat and Cheryl. I tag this as very informative and fun for both Moms and Kids.

See You on the next event! Check out Bento by Kat for more bento tips and Bright Brands PH for a wide array of nice and unique finds! And follow me on Instagram for more news and updates.

Thank You! xoxo --- Rycee

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