My Breastfeeding Tips and Essentials

"Breastfeeding is a Labor of Love"

It was a delight to be chosen and promote sustained Breastfeeding

during the Breastfeeding-On-The-Go Campaign with Abbie Yabot.

See how Leia latches perfectly and loves to direct-feed before

and after bottle-feeding while I'm working.

I think everyone knows that, due to some complicated reasons back then, I am mixed-feeding Leia since she was 2months old. Nevertheless, I am both so happy and proud, that until now, she still latches and love to feed directly to me just the same as before.

I am also very open before how i battled Mastitis and that i almost gave up Breastfeeding. The 4th Trimester struggle is so true! I did not realize it that you really have to work hard and that you will only see that when you are faced with the actual challenge already. I was so confused and don't know what to do, that i was crying because both of pain and desperation. I needed help but being alone during the process affected me so much. But despite of all the struggles, I am so happy to have attended Breastfeeding Classes and Workshops by Certified Lactation Consultants

Abbie Yabot and Nurse Joyce Zaragoza - somehow it has helped me get through and win over the challenges I faced.

With all the things I have learned and realized, I am sharing with you some of the

Tips and Tricks to Sustain Breastfeeding this long. It wasn't as easy as you think if to be, specially to those with low milk supply like myself. Better be prepared with all the knowledge and information necessary when you are in the actual Breastfeeding already :

1. Direct Feed and Latch often starting day 1 to build your Breastmilk Supply.

2. Pump only after 6 weeks after giving birth. Your baby will be the best on who can help you initially and pump milk only when necessary.

3. Always drink more fluids, water is still your best aid in producing ample milk supply.

4. Rest well and avoid the stress. You know how stress decreases your energy levels.

5. Eat healthy food and soups. Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of food to produce healthy milk too.

6. Make sure your OB and your Pedia are Breastfeeding Advocates. I tell you, this is very important because based from experience, our Pedia was one of the influencers that led me to mixed-feeding Leia with formula.

7. Attend Breastfeeding Classes, Workshops and Join Support Groups. It is very important that you are surrounded with people that supports your Breastfeeding journey. Even your Family plays an important role too.

8. Consult your Lactation Specialist once the need arises. They can help you better than your OB. In my case, i even have a Breast Doctor. You can also opt to have Lactation Massages once a month. The masseurs are also lactation experts and will help and encourage you to breastfeed exclusively, which is actually a good thing.

9. Intakes of Lactation Treats or Drinks can also help increase your milk supply. I also have Malunggay supplements that i never miss to take twice regularly.

10. If in case you're using a Breastpump, make sure that breast shield fits directly and that you observe proper usage. If you can, as much as possible direct latch because it is still the best way to feed you babies.

I have here recommendations on my Favorite Breastfeeding Essentials which has helped me a lot in sustaining my breastfeeding for 25 months and counting. I never realized i can reach this far and still very much enjoying every bit of our little bonding for like 4 times every day.

1. A Nursing Wear or a top suitable to breastfeed is very important for a Mom like me who's alsways on the go with my daughter. Moreso, these kinds of tops are very useful for me during the frist year of giving birth because this is when your child latches very often.

Brand : Mome Mursing Wear

2. I started taking-in Malunggay capsules during my last month of pregnancy so i will start building the Breastmilk Supply. I love this brand and so far, it is the best in the market. Coupled with lots of water and healthy juices, this is really helpful to keep you healthy and increase your milk supply. I recommend you take 2 capsules daily.

Brand : Mega-Malunggay by VPharma

3. Along with your favorite nursing wear, you should also find a nice and comfortable Nursing Bra. Before actually sticking to this brand, I was actually able to try cheaper brands which did not suit my requirements. This one so far has been the best nursing bra for me and I even use their regular bras for daily use.

Brand : Coobie

4. Lactation pastries has been sold in different forms for Breastfeeding Moms to enjoy. I myself love eating brownies and cookies for snacks. Although this is calorie-controlled and made with healthier ingredients that a regular cookie, you should limit yourself to eating a piece for each day.

Brand : Mommy Treats

5. I use the Electric Breastpump to store my Breastmilk Supply because is started going out after 6weeks of giving birth. I try to use them properly and hopefully not to strain my breasts because, like I said, it can also cause plugged milk ducts or engorgement. So if you feel like this is happening, feed directly to you babies and position them in different ways in order for them to suck out all of your milk.

Brand : Medela Swing Maxi from The Parenting Emporium

6. I love the quality of this Breastmilk Storage Bags, they are actually the best from all the brands I have tried to use. They are made of thicker material, can stand on it own and has multiple sizes to choose from.

Brand : Mother-K

7. Using an All-Natural Wash for your Breastfeeding Essentials and babies Feeding Essentials is very important specially in the first two years. Im glas there have been a lot of local brands advocating the use of sustainable and environment-friendly products and this one seem to be the cutest of them all.

Brand : Tiny Buds

8. Using Breastpads are essential for Moms who breastfeed or pump on the go. Sometimes, it is inevitable that your milk leaks too. Make sure to use one that can keep you dry.

Brand : Pigeon

10. This is one of my most recent discoveries. A cooler bag and lunch bag in one! how cool is that Moms and thier kids can use them too. It also has a long strap aside form a handheld handle and the best thing is that you can have it personalized too. Would you believe that this is proudly-Philippine-made?

Brand : Esheart PH

There you go. Find time to promote healthy breastfeeding to your MommyBFFs and spread the word about these tips and essentials. Join The Breastfeeding Club PH support group in Facebook and attend Abbie's many classes and workshops too this August. We also have upcoming events so make sure to check out my Instagram page Leia's Mom and MommyBFFs to know more.

Thank You! xoxo ---Rycee


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