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All these are products for Moms and Babies that are made available online by honestbee. Tiny Buds Baby, Nosh!, Karabella Dairy and Milking Bombs by ABC are just a few of the brands you can order from when you visit the honestbee app.

honestbee is Asia's leading online platform for shopping and delivery service. I've been a regular user of the App ever since I found out how it's become more convenient for me to avail of its concierge services than to directly go to the shop and buy for the stuff I need. Nowadays, a lot of us, Moms in particular, prefer purchasing online because it simply makes life easier with just a few clicks using our smart phones! The best part of it, I get to save time and my energy to focus for the needs of my little girl. Living without househelp, makes life a bit crazier 'coz we all know the many things we need to do when we have an active toddler at home.

The Queen Bees of honestbee

Proud to be an honestbee app user together with fellow bloggers and #MommyBFFs

I'm glad to see my favorite brands and certified Mommy Must-haves made available by honestbee. Tiny Buds have been a home staple ever since Leia's a newborn. Their laundry detergents have been the best in the local market and their products have been proven to be safe from 0 months and up. The best part of it, proceeds from their sales go to WWF.

Karabella is also another local brand that makes it to be one of best in the ice cream category. They're a proud social enterprise of GK supporting the use of local ingredients like Carabao's milk and also aids in providing scholarships to deserving students in need.

With #MommyBFFs (Rachelle and Vanessa) and Lorina Tan of Tiny Buds Baby

Mommies, If you want to know more about honestbee, use this link below


to download the app and receive a P500 voucher on you way!

Bee surprised to see the many brands offering delivery service right at your doorstep. There's Mustela, Parenting Emporium, Nature to Nurture, Baby Bjorn, Richell for Babies, Milking Bombs, Milkin' Mommies, Love To Dream, Mamas & Papas, Mother's Touch, Nosh, Mistine and Biolane. And if you think they're missing some of your favorites, comment down your wishlist and we'll be glad to help and make that happen.

Congratulations to honestbee for making our live easier with all the convenient shopping you offer. Thanks for allowing to join you on your Brunch and Babies event because we get to learn more on how honestbee can help busy mom / stay at home Moms like myself make the most out of my time for me and my daughter. Manila House serves to be the perfect venue for this intimate gathering of Moms, with it's dreamy ambience and delicious food. #justhonestbee

#MommyBFFs day out with fellow Moms and Bloggers

Thank You! xoxo --- Rycee ;)

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