Modern Moms On-the-go!

Being in the company of all these amazing Moms is one for the books!

Thank you #ModMomsPH for having me and my girls.

Allow me to say, "It's a privilege" to be among these wonderful ladies in this one-of-a-kind event by Michelle Aventajado and all her thoughtful partners who worked hard to make this get-together possible. We came in a little late that Thursday afternoon but Rachelle, Vanessa and myrself are just in time to hear the welcome remarks and telling us all about whats's in-store last Thursday.

Michelle looks even greater in person. It was actually my first time meeting her and she's been really accommodating and friendly. She gladly explained to everyone what are we about to do that day making us all excited. Apparently, we Moms are always on-the-go so they decided to bring upon solutions on how to make our lives easier. Also known as "parenting hacks", these are only some of the things we can do for oursleves, for our kids and for the whole family. And one of those talks is all about "essential oils" with their brand sponsor Amara Oils PH.

Betty Sy of Amara Oils made some major introduction to the most common kinds of essential oils and carrier oils. She explained the uses of essential oils and how it can dispell the most common illnesses or how to pamper your skin, among others.

The best part of the day actually is the "Make and Take" session wherein we made essential oil blends that we can bring home with us afterwards. We are tasked to do roller bottles for Colds and cough, Brain power and Tummy relief with dilution for bigger kids. Just some of the best oils to keep handy even when youre out and about with them. I love how easy to do these blends as we are given cheat sheets that we can keep also for future reference. My personal favorite would be the Lavander Body Scrub because its infused with not only Lavander essential oil drops but it has dried lavander flowers too making it smell so good. This is one must-have Mommies should keep at home, because exfoliating is really nice for skin once in a while. The best part of this, you'll have no-guilt on putting products on your skin even for the first time, just because all these are made of natural and toxin-free ingredients thats safe for you, the kids and is not harmful to the environment too.

I love the event styling and the yummy food and desserts served. The Event Architects and Aruga Cafe by Mesclun did really good with all the set-up they did for us Moms and as a treat for our little ones too by Mesclun Kids. Celebrations like this happen not so often and it is just rightful that Michelle and her team give their best! These Moms enjoy their every bit of Thursday and have shown it through social media. Look how nice Aruga by Rockwell is with all those photos and stories posted. This #ModMomsPH Event is that one I will always look forward to attend.

I was even able to take home warm cookies and this cool bento meal with a paper palace and flower for Leia. Our kids eat with their eyes too and having decorations and colorful accessories like this will make them look forward to meal times. One of the tricks that I always do is that I make her meals appetizing and by giving her her favorite foods. Of course not all times., you can let them sit still for 30mins to eat, so I also give her small toys that we can manage to play even for some time while we eat. A good conversation and story with them helps too.

Cinq Desserts also gave us a sweet experience with these treats! I have my share of sweet tooth and chocolates is something i cannot resist. If only i get to receive of these fresh pastries everyday, it will be the life of my dreams. These cool offerings come in nice packaging too so it's a perfect gift for your MommyBFFs too. It's Christmas already tomorrow! See how time flies, better get that checklist ready.

If you think that's all, it's not! We even came home with these goodies. Raffles prizes from Aruga by Rockwell, lootbags from Zen Nutrients, Zalora coupon, and a Gradmaker kit from Manulife.

My favorite takeaway will have to be this loot! We are so grateful to Amara Oils and Betty for letting us experience this on-of-a-kind Essential Oils Intro for Modern Moms on-the-go plus giving us the opportunity to try your amazing products. You are superb! I would love you to hear my review of these soon.

Thank You so much Michelle for organizing this whole event and for giving us the opportunity to be among the ModMoms in attendance. You are amazing! We feel so loved with all these treats for us #MommyBFFS Richelle, Rachelle and Vanessa. Thursday has been really good to us! We went home with happy smiles and great stories to keep. Looking forward to seeing you again with probably over coffee and sweets at Cinq.

Thank You! xoxo --- Rycee ;)

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