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Me and my #MommyBFFs enjoying a day-off at the preview of finest selection of

healthy finds for the Holidays from Healthy Options.

Who doesn't want to give and receive only the best of healthy and natural products in the market this Christmas Season? Everyone got us all excited to shop for gifts for our loved ones! The only challenge is that, which of the following products with all-natural ingredients do you want to gift your family and friends.

Choosing the right product is never-ever going to be a problem at Healthy Options.

Here's more of the reason to give something special like this to your loved ones. Healthy Options curated several Christmas Gift Boxes to make it easier for us to surprise everyone with gifts. Did you know that one of these, the Gourmet Gift Hamper set includes a beautifully crafted wicker basket. Talk about giving away something that's limited edition and very much reusable like a storage box at the same time. This set includes products that can help you prepare a meal fit for royalty. There's only 200 of this available so better hurry and reserve yours today.

Loving this very much reusable basket filled with all the treats you love that's good

for the heart and soul.

Get all these grains and pantry favorites with every Gourmet Gift Hamper set - yes all 24!

See All these yummy snacks and beverages? They are also included in the

Gourmet Gift Hamper.

For every member of the family, Healthy Options made sure to pack all that will delight your tastebuds. Here comes a selection that the whole family or your friends will surely enjoying preparing for the festivities and celebrate the holidays.

This Family Gift Set includes 16 best-selling items complete with grains, snacks, and beverages.

This Gluten-Free Gift Box is perfect for those who are enjoying this particluar diet.

All 13 items are carefully-selected and are certified gluten-free.

Looking for some kind of energy boost or something to perk you up for the long day?

The Vitality Gift Box is loaded with high-fiber and high-protein essentials our body needs most specially this coming Holiday Season.

I hear yah! Here's the perfect gift form someone like me - the Low Sodium Gift Box! I always watch my intake for things that are salty, and i try to practice not to be using condiments to add to my cooking or to add flavor when eating. So yes, enjoy eating these goodies without having to worry of high sodium content.

Are you like me, a meticulous who always checks the label when buying in the grocery or in stores? Well, Motherhood got me really conscious on the things that i eat and the food that i serve Leia. I prioritize giving her the best nutrition by letting her take products with no-guilt even when she overeats them. Good thing there's Healthy Options!

And i so love it, here's why:

1. They have carefully-selected products with natural and organic ingredients so you don't really need to worry much on reading the label. They are honest with what's inside their products.

2. I love how they upgraded their store's look now and it seems reall easier to browse through their shelves. But if in case, there seems to be a problem looking for products, their staff are knowledgeable to assist you.

3. They value sustainability by protecting the environment we live. They make sure the production safeguards not only people but animals too. They encourage you to reduce waste by bringing your own reusable bags and they have a cardless-membership program that uses an app instead of a physical card.

4. Helping support the local community and the livelihood of the people is a big deal. They have farm-fresh products like vegetables and meat sourced-out locally to give back to our local people.

5. Continuous innovation to produce the best kind of products that suit every need of the consumers is very important. You are assured of the high quality and the standard they uphold.

To give you more reasons to shop here for your holiday gifts, here are more gift options you can select from :

Here's Makes 3 Organic Gift Pack that is certified to Calm your senses.

This Giovanni Travel Kits are set to protect your skin and hair during your travels.

Deeply nourish your skin with this Derma-E Body Care Gift.

Organic Wines

Sparkling Grape Juices

If you're still unsure of what to gift your loved ones, you can still opt for Gift Cards!

The classic giveaway that gives them the freedom to choose the item will suits them.

All gifts should make a lasting impression! Check out Healthy Option's Holiday Gift Bags that brings along feels of Christmas from the Past. Take these with you for every minimum purchase met.

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Thank You! xoxo --- Rycee :)

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