The Grand Baby Fair Tips and Finds

Today is a great time to shop for your kids because the grandest baby event of the year is here! Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair is now on it's 9th Year of putting together a showcase of products and workshops which will surely be a must to visit for pregnant moms and those parents with small kids. The fair will be up until Sunday, January 27 in Megamall. I was able to find time to go yesterday because the first day marks their Preview Sale. Excited Moms like myself headed over to Megatrade Hall earlier for some MomMeTime. I say, this is the best venue to search for the best mom and baby products, canvass for prices and score amazing freebies from hundreds of different brands there is in the market today. What's more is that there are learning sessions and workshops from experts and celebrity moms every day.


- For first-time parents, its BEST TO COME ON THE PREVIEW SALE OR ON THE FIRST 2HOURS IN THE MORNING for a lesser crowd and stock availability.

- Make sure to BRING A COMPANION and as much as possible, DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS (and the small ones at that). The hallways are narrow and the whole place gets really crowded during peak hours so it's difficult to walk and manoeuvre strollers and even the push carts you use for your shopping.

- PRIORITIZE, target the ones that you really need to buy and what you came for. I specifically don't think you will be needing all the stuff there, otherwise you will be over-buying. Which is what this baby fair is not for. Your plan is to save and avail discounts. As for me, It's not practical to hoard unless it's super cheap - though a Sale like this happen only once a year.

- Check out the EXPIRY DATES too and how long do you think your baby will be able to use or consume the items you will be buying in bundles. Take note, your baby grows fast so s/he might not be using some of the items in more than 3months time.

- QUALITY OVER QUANTITY always works best for me. Don't buy if you only think its cheap and yet you wont use it because you realize it doesn't suit you or you don't need it at all.

- EXPECT A HUGE CROWD and long CheckOut lines on peak hours and on weekends. The hall has major space constraints, unlike inside their real stores.

- If in case you're shopping alone and you have 5 bags with you after, there are STAFF ALLOTTED to help you carry your shopping bags to the parking or the exit, so don't you worry about that.

- Don't forget to claim your FREEBIES from the stalls, and your SWAG BAG if you scored more than P6,000.00 worth of goodies in a day.

The MommyBFFs with the lovely women behind Tiny Buds - Ms. LinLin and Lorina Tan.


Here are some of my amazing finds from our favorite brands. I've been searching for the best for 3years now and I tell you that what I have below are what I really find best for Leia. Let me know if you have questions, I would gladly help.

1. Tiny Buds Products! This amazing line is both baby-safe and environment-safe, is perfect for you little ones. Specially now that it looks eye-candy to me.

Booth : Tiny Buds

2. Medela Breast Pump with freebies! i remember buying the Swing Maxi before also to help me in my Breastfeeding journey.

Booth : The Parenting Emporium

3. Sacred and Sacred Seven Months - never use anything else but this for your newborn's very sensitive skin.

Booth : The Parenting Emporium

4. I-Angel Hipseat Carriers - If you're looking for something that will help you best in being a hands-on-mom, baby carriers are perfect specially when you're always on-the-go with your babies in tow.

Booth : I-Angel

5. Mother K Breastmilk Bags and KMom Zero Dust Laundry Products - these are aso our household staples because this Korean brand is made of high quality materials and ingredients that's very safe for your babies.

Booth : EcoMom

6. Little Tree - offers a wide-range of products such as diapers and nappies that's made of environment-friendly products.

Booth : Little Tree

7. Pigeon Tooth Care - If you're thinking of Japan-quality made products, the best one that will probably come in to mind is this.

Booth : Pigeon

8. Zyji Bedding Collection - these sets are perfect for your little one's nursery!

Booth : Zyji

9. Oxo Tot Feeding Essentials - these items are what you need when transitioning to solids.

Booth : Oxo Tot

10. Orange & Peach - this amazing local brand offers different kinds of useful products from nipple balm, nipple puller and even milk saver pump.

Booth : Orange & Peach

11. Halo Sleepsack - this is one of the must-haves i highly recommend for newborns because my daughter slept well with this on, thus giving me time to rest too.

Booth : Oxo Tot

12. Enfant Sleepwear - I love using materials that are soft and comfortable for Leia and this is her pyjamas until she turned 2yo.

12. Goon - a big pack of Japan-quality wet wipes for P50 is totally worth it plus their diapers are on Sale too!

Booth : Goon

13. ProMama - The milk for pregnant mommas!

14. Crane Humidifier - this product works for me and Leia specially when we have colds and cough and it helps us sleep better when the air-con is on.

Booth : Gunn

15. Health Aid Bifina - from my new product finds list is this Probiotic Supplement from VPharma. Certainly a must-try even for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Booth : Health Aid

16. Mega Malunggay and Breastfeeding Tea - always a good time to hoard breastfeeding essentials because of the promos like this.

Booth : VPharma

17. Nature to Nurture - has all plant-based and all-natural wash products.

Booth : Nature to Nurture

18. Car Seat - some of the best car seast are from the brands Safety 1st and Maxi Cosi.

Booth : Safety 1st / Maxi Cosi

19. Crayola Sticker Set - always a fun time to buy for Leia's favorites because its on -50% off!

Booth : Crayola / Ogalala

20. Hello Kitty Plush - this could have been one of Leia's best friends when she was still a baby because its huggable plus the music and recording features is always a plus!

Booth : Combi

That wraps up my list of MommyFinds from yesterday. Feel free to visit Baby Company's social media pages for more information. Don't forget, this Baby Fair happens only every January and last only till the weekend, so hurry and find time to visit if you must!

Thank You :)

xoxo --- Rycee

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