Super Summer Sale at National Bookstore

This little girl got so lucky because we have found really good reads on Sale last weekend!

I love buying stuff for Leia but if there's one thing I consider before buying them is if they're on Sale. Yes, I know that I buy her a lot of stuff but I don't just spend without looking, because I definitely wouldn't buy if it's not on promo. One of the items I did not realize we have a lot already are books, yet, I don't mind. I even buy pre-loved books for her. It gives me joy having to search good ones for her like it gives her joy browsing at those pages. Just to share, we don't really have a study routine, but what we enjoy most to do together is to read books before bedtime. I hope it goes on for so many years.

Last week, I saw National Bookstore's Summer Sale but haven't gotten the chance to go to one. Then I saw my good friend Bovi who posted her haul from the author's I like. So, I got excited to visit a branch soon. Sure enough, Rachelle and I were together last Sunday and we had the chance to go to Trinoma to check if there are still good buys. Luckily, we are able to score good deals like these books that follow, Bunny and Egg-themed books that's perfect for Easter.

Can you believe I got ll these books for P1,200?!

To our surprise, most of these books we got are 50-80% off. We searched through the regular racks first, because I was eyeing for Dr.Seuss and Eric Carle. We saw some of their books but doesn't have the discounted tags on it so I asked the staff how much is the current price, and yes, they're on Sale too. Almost all the books we saw are marked down with at least -20% off. We had to go back again from the checkout to get more.

The best buy for me in this batch would be this 4-Book Collection of Dr.Seuss which I got for like P600 only (more than 50% off). It's hardbound and it's even sealed, so very good condition!

Last Wednesday, I got the chance to go check another National Bookstore, their Quezon Ave. branch. And to my luck again, I found more books on sale aside from the ones I already bought. Have I been able to go here sooner, there might have been even more good buys. Here's what we got :

All these books for P1,400.

Finally, got animal books for Leia. This is actually my main reason for going back at the sale again, and I did not go home empty-handed. I even got other cool books too! Check out the close-up photos of these great buys.

Disney and Shapes, we can't wait to open these cute book!

Leia enjoys GoodNight Moon and even recites it on her own, so I've been really looking for this Alphabet Book too! This is originally priced at almost P400, but got it super marked-down too.

I've been trying to teach Leia counting, and this book will be very helpful too.

We're really becoming a Dr.Seuss' fan!

You can also get Activity Sets like this on Sale!

One of Dr.Seuss' famous books, now's got a baby-version.

Yes to yet another counting book!

The only book we bought not on 50% off, but P200 for a big boardbook of 30+ pages

won't hurt right?

I'm delighted to see Kumon books sold here and this one seems perfect for Leia.

I hope to find more of this kind again!

One of the cheapest books we got! Perfect for us to learn the different kids of birds.

The first book I grabbed because hardbound with detailed descriptions on each page.

For only P120!

There goes my list of our book-hoard from the Super Summer Sale at National Bookstore. Remember, you can still catch the Sale until this weekend, in all branches nationwide. Check out the poster below for more details. Take note, not only books are marked-down!

Until, my next post, Thank you!

xoxo --- Rycee

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