Easter for Kids

Easter Egg Hunt is every little kid's favorite activity during Easter.

Did you know that "Easter is the oldest and most important festival in both the Catholic and Christian Traditions. This is when we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, as described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion at Mt.Calvary. It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent - a 40-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance."

Tomorrow, we celebrate Easter Sunday. The Church, during these days, is very busy with sevaral acitivitie like the Easter Vigil, Salubong and Easter Masses. Easter tends to be more festive than Christmas or The Birth of Christ. "This is because of the rich Paschal customs in the cultures of a majority of countries. Easter is the primary act that fulfills the purpose of Christ's ministry on earth—to defeat death by dying and to purify and exalt humanity by voluntarily assuming and overcoming human frailty."

One of our favorite activities during Easter, aside from having a Feast itself is the Easter Egg Hunt. An egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs or Easter eggs are hidden for children to find. Real hard-boiled eggs, which are typically dyed or painted, or colorful eggs made of plastic are filled with chocolate or candies, or foil-wrapped egg-shaped chocolates of various sizes are hidden in various places as treats for the kids. The game is often played outdoors, but can also be played indoors. Children typically collect the eggs in a basket. When the hunt is over, prizes may be by specific color and consolation prizes may be given too. Nowadays, there's also a lot of other games and activities hosted during events like this.

Aside from looking forward to Easter Sunday, we also read our Easter-themed Books and get inspiration from the different scenarios and take morale out of the stories there is. There are books that tackle about Religion and Faith, Family and Love and some are just all about having fun. I like how books teaches a child values like that of love and compassion, the animals like the bunny are showing us good exmaples too.

Here's a glimpse of our favorite Children's Books for Easter below :

1. Books like these about Easter and Jesus is composed of beautiful illustrations and simple storylines perfect for small kids like Leia.

2. Easter Egg Hunt books like these prepare your kids to a whole lot of fun adventure!

3. Bunny Stories like these are very common in all bookstores. I love how they all tell great stories about family and motherhood.

4. Animal Books like this teaches are your learning books about Science too.

There goes our fruitful and fun thoughts about Easter! I hope you get to learn a thing or two. Ohh and if you're asking where we got these books, we usually buy preloved at Biblio (which also showcases some books not usually found elsewhere and holds a sale too) and lately we hoarded new books from the National Bookstore (Super Summer Sale) and we're really happy because almost all books are -50%!

PS. We will be at 2 Easter Events tomorrow and we're both excited for the Easter Egg Hunt. Come and join us for some fun games and sure-prizes, check out the link for more details :

Santolan Town Plaza - Easter Bunnylympics

Robinsons Magnolia - Thomas & Friends Easter Express

Thank you once again, until the next one!

xoxo --- Rycee


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