Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

To the Mom who's been to the greatest and the worst of days... Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're with #TeamLastMinute like me - you will love what I have in-stored for you. Bring forth happiness and love to your special girls, may it be your Mom, Sister, Boss, your Aunt or your Bestfriend... I have listed some of my favorite finds a Mom like myself would really love to receive.

I love having gifts, seriously, who doesn't?! And if you've been to our room, you'll see a lot of my space has been occupied with presents from so many people. Leia and I appreciate gifts small or big, pricey or not, because most of the time "it's the thought that counts". We have shared a lot with you and we'll be sharing so much more this month, not only because it's Mother's Day but it's also Leia's 3rd Birthday.

Lately too, I'm a sucker for things local, handmade by moms and those that are socially responsible. I've been trying my best to advocate change in so many ways. And if you support me on this, you'd be happy to know that below is a rundown of a list of #LeiasMomApproved #LeiasMomRecommended products made for girls by girls who's been raising a bar in making the most of their talents and sharing it to the world. I'ma make this quick because you wouldn't know it but I've got a toddler in my lap while writing this.

My Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

1. Voila x LovelyLucyManila

If you love all-natural skin-care products and hand-crafted flowers that wont wilt, here's a lovely box with both of that goodness! Check out this Voila Lotion Bar and the Lovely Lucy Wooden Box with Flowers specially curated for Mother's Day. Plus you'll find a cute clip along with this set. Let's make more of #SelfLove and get this loot!

This and more at @voilaphin Instagram.

2. GoodBag

They make lovely bag creations and personalized at that! This Fur Tote is just one the many you can find from their amazing collection of bags for Moms. Did I not mention they're priced affordable too?

This and more at @GoodBagPH in Instagram.

3. Custom Cakes by Bam

Sweet tooth Mommas rejoice! Drooling now just by looking at these flowers and succulents - edible that is. I love cakes and these beautiful gift sets for Mother's Day are going to be a win-win. They made Leia's cakes from her Cake Smash shoot and 1st Birthday and we all loved it!

More of these at @customcakesbybam in Instagram.

4. Mari Maarte Earrings

Talk about fancy and cute! These lovely creations are on point to make you more glammed-up for any occasion. They also customize hair clips and earrings and make you go twinning with your favorite girl too.

More of these at @mari.maarte in Instagram.

5. Wenya

If you love proudly Phillipine-made crafts, then you'll surely be a fan of Wenya. Beautifully-made with the materials sourced out locally, what more can you ask for?

These and more at in Instagram.

6. Knotty Jaya

These wall-hangers are a feast to the eyes! Hand-made by the pretty Sojina herself, she makes sure that every details is made with so much love and passion. Customized designs and personalized pieces are available upon request.

Check out more at @knottyjaya in Instagram.

7. The Good Store

I always try to be a responsible part of the community and taking part of the zero-waste bandwagon is one of may advocacies. Promoting reusable products and bringing them along with me is one good step in taking care of the environment. I always put in mind that if I won't be of help or a solution, I have to make sure that I won't be an additional problem. Things as simple as bringing EcoBags, using Reusable Straw and buying the Non-toxic Products help!

Check out more socially responsible products at @TheGoodStorePH

8. Strands and Fringes

These carefully hand-crafted and joyfully-made macrame bags turned out to be beautiful pieces and labor of love. I applaud Moms who can really practice their talents and share them to all. I'm happy to be adding this to my growing collection of hand-made products, and looking forward for more.

Check out @StrandsAndFringes in Instagram.

9. Spring Manila

Locally-made shoes that are versatile and comfortable to wear is a winner for me. This Annie wedge from Spring Manila is a staple for me. Works well with my collection of white and floral outfits specially matching the summer vibe!

Check out more pieces at @SpringManila in Instagram.

10. Shop Myka

Closet staple colors, Versatile styles and Non-wrinkle fabric are just how i describe Doc Myka's growing collection of pieces us ladies so love. There's one for everybody! I personally like her pastels and white!

Check our @shop.myka.limchoc in Instagram.

There goes my Top 10! I'm very sure there's a lot of other brands and products worthy to be on this list, but don't fret... because these are my recommended ones at the moment mainly because since I'm already familiar with their products and the ones behind them. I'm really hoping you're taking something form these. Thank you so much for your time, you make this Momma really happy.

Until the next, xoxo ---Rycee

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