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Went out for a quick shopping date with my #MommyBFFs to stock up on our favorites from Healthy Options. We all bought an assortment of their best-selling items old and new for the whole family to enjoy.

Check out my list of #MommyFinds and more below as I go through the racks for the healthy stuff.


Leia and I always love anything we buy form here because not only that they’re carefully selected to contain no harmful ingredients - it's both good for the body and the planet we live in too! Here are some of the items we usually buy from here :

1. Nature's Plus Chewable Supplements

- I never take for granted Leia's good health so I always make sure to boost her immunity.

2. Gluten-free Soup and Broth

- Leia and I loves soup but sometimes it's a struggle for us to prepare unique meals so I opt for easy to prepare food packs like this. I can just add egg too.

3. Himalayan Pink Salt

- One of the stuff we never ran out at home. Pink Salt is truly an essential!

4. Amazon Flakes

- Leia loves eating cereal with milk or without. This is one her favorites!

5. Simply Organic All-Purpose Seasoning

- one of the best finds at Healthy Options. This bottle contains all your favorite herbs and spices making every dish you make even healthier! Put it either in raw or cooked food and see how these little bits make a difference.

6. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

- One of Healthy Option's bestsellers! Perfect to combine with Essential Oils for healthy glowing skin.

7. PopCorners

- One of our favorite chips at home. Wholesome and healthier alternative as always.

Yummy selection of dips and sauces for chips and veggies .

8. BioHogs Frozen Meat

- Organic frozen meat is now available in all Healthy Options branches. Must-try if you opt for quality meat for you and your kids.

9. Organic Bottled Juices

- Healthy Options offers a wide variety of healthy fruit and vegetable juices you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Super Kale with beet is one of them.

10. Ricola Soothing Mints

- I love candies that can relieve sore throat specially when infused with herbs that can help soothe and heal faster. They even have different flavors for every taste.

There goes my Top Picks! There's so much more to add but I hope these 10 will give you a glimpse of healthier alternatives you can find in all of Healthy Options stores. Check out their newly-opened store at The Podium with an exciting and fresh look, making it a more delightful shopping experience than ever! I also made a quick Vlog for your convenience. Enjoy!

Looking for healthy and all-natural? Find them all here

[VLOG #6 Healthy Opions at The Podium]

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