What makes a Lifetime Partner

Family is Life. It may sound like cliché but it is definitely one of the best words to describe what my Family means to me. I miss having that bigger and growing family i used to grow up with. Before, we used to have Family Reunions twice a year at my Lola Trining's place to celebrate the New Year and her Birthday. Life was so simple back then, we enjoy get-togethers through family luncheons, sing-alongs, parlor games and endless chikahan! It was never a dull moment when you spend it with a family of many like ours. We may never have a wealthy lifestyle nor a big house for us to celebrate but it was those priceless smiles and laughters that fill up the place that makes it all worth the while. My Lola was so thoughtful and kind, I remember how she always gives me presents which I anticipate when we see each other. I appreciate everything she has passed on to my generation which I will never forget.

To this day, I continue to live the legacy of having a strong family bond. I may only have a daughter now as my very own family but Leia has always been my greatest blessing ever since I have conceived her. She has been my source of strenght and courage, to believe in myself and to push beyond my limits. I can feel she’s guiding me somehow to live the life I’ve wanted to have and make the most out of our every day. So I promise to provide Leia the best love and care I possibly can. Besides, she deserves it, for she will forever be my one and only love in this life’s journey.

I have been living the days mostly taking care of Leia. I love to watch her grow beautifully while learning about the many things that surround her every single day. Time flies, and now that she’s 3, I can’t help but think what next step awaits us. She could be in school already but like every single mom, it’s not so easy to settle right away when you have a lot of things going through. I definitely would love to send her to a really good school. But I’m always thinking if my budget would allow me to do so. Without enough savings, I need to earn extra and put this money in good hands. I hope there’s a lot of opportunities out there who can help me achieve that while staying at home and taking care of my daughter.

While attending events and talks, I was able to learn a little bit more about insurace and investments. With the need to grow my money at hand, I found an opportunity to look into an investment fund that doesn’t require a big amount to invest in. I took that example of a video of Matteo Guidicelli and his grandfather, whom he calls Nonno, and how they built partnership in life. Growing up, Matteo has always been side by side with his grandfather celebrating life’s achievements big or small. His Nonno was a great example of a person working so hard to reach his dreams. From that first time he stepped into the Philippine soil, and how they built their family name in Cebu. Matteo, on the other hand is an award-winning racecar driver at an early age and now shifted into becoming a champion tri-athlete. But now, Matteo took more of his Nonno’s inspiration to fulfill his own dream of becoming an entrepreneur by owning an Italian Restaurant. This and all with the help of a Kaakbay who paved the way to help manage his finances better, Sun Life. You too can watch more of how their beautiful stories unfold, here.

I was able to check out the different products and financial advices, and I was really inclined to try The Sun Life Prosperity Fund. This one has affordable investment capital with higher returns (compared to traditional deposits). The money is invested in different financial outlets in order to minimize key risks relating to credit, interest rates, foreign investment, and the markets. There's also the The Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund which aims to generate long-term capital appreciation through a portfolio of equities, fixed income securities, and alternative financial instruments, adjusted accordingly as the target date of the Fund approaches. This will help prepare for a future need or big life event by Year 2028 like Leia's Education and Business Opportunities by that time.

Just like Leia, Sun Life is truly one that can be defined as a lifetime partner who will be willing to be with me every step of the journey. Just like most of us, I want to secure a brighter future not just for myself, but for Leia as well with my 'kaakbay' along with me. I also wish that more of my fellow moms and parents will pursue financial security and in the long run live better lives. We all want the best for our families, don't we? So let's all gear towards having that same goal so we are rest assured that they will live happily in the days to come.

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