Making the Most out of the Moment

Trying to see the light in all of this... It's been 10 days since the Enhanced Community Quarantine started, how are you guys holding up? This New Corona Virus or CoVid-19 has been greatly affecting all of us here in our country along with many others from all over the world. City Lockdowns are implemented in all the key cities which restricted our movements and our daily lives.

Looking out there where there’s so much fear and uncertainty, every day poses a challenge for each one of us to remain calm and learn to trust the process. However, no matter how assured I feel that we will get through all of this, there is always some sort of panic lurking within me. Do you also feel the same? Well in reality, it is still indefinite when will things go back to normal so we must all together do our share and help in our own ways in order to stop its spread the soonest. China and South Korea was able to flatten the curve, therefor I'm keeping my hopes high that we too can do the same.

What's keeping you bust at this time? I know a lot of people are into working from home while some became even more busy with their usual routine at home because everyone in the family is present. Personally speaking, everything around me became a little overwhelming. People might think that staying at home is actually an easier way to deal with the situation compared to those who are needed to go out and work. But actually, working from home now is actually more difficult than you think (of course not considering travel time). It's always difficult for me to juggle real work and home work with a toddler with me 24/7. But somehow, I like it now that it seems to be more quiet and slow-paced kind of life these days. Not when you check social media where you see a lot of posts or articles pertaining to what they see is happening. I'd like to reiterate that we all have our right to read and trust not everything. Always be aware of fake news these days, because it looks like some people devote their time into doing some irrelevant and false information to bring more panic about the crisis we all are facing. And in this day and time, it's very normal to be confused or judgemental when it comes to verifying all the news you get to read online. Make good choices on sources to trust to get credible information because it's our health and life that's in the line.

I know how some things get beyond what our two hands can take these days. But always remember that there are so many other things you can take charge of in your life right now, and not everything may be as necessary as the other. Focus on what truly matters for you and what you can only handle for now. It's okay to not be okay. We all have different lives, and our struggles may be not be the same as your friend or your neighbour. Check out some of the things you can control from where you are. I'm sharing a few items you can think of at home, making it some sort of a little distraction of the harsh reality we all are facing.

1. Think about how many times must you take a shower

- good hygiene is very important these days, so the probable answers should be between 2-4. Yet washing hands should be at an average of 10 i guess.

2. Decide on what you want to wear

- you may be working from home, but that doesn't restrict you on wearing something not in your house dress list. If dressing up will feel you better, so be it.

3. The time to sleep and wake up

- good sleep is essential to keep our bodies healthy. It is still recommended that we get 8hours of quality sleep daily and also consider sleeping on time.

4. Who you want to chat with

- I'm sure every one of us has multiple chat groups online. While there may be lots of information sent there each day, you don't need to read and absorb everything at once. Know the sources and see if it's important. Note that not everyone in your friends list may be sending you useful information, but it's also equally necessary for lift me up quotes these days.

5. The stuff you fill your tummy

- While our pantries may be full and we have all the time to eat, it doesn't necessarily mean we should take snacks as often just because there's a yummy cookie in the jar. Always prioritise eating healthy. It's okay to give in to sweet tooth cravings but maybe no too much because it always affects the mood too.

6. How you like to fix your hair

- You must always look nice even when you're just staying at home. Keeping yourself presentable will always bring a smile when you face the mirror in the toilet or when you pass by your full mirror in your bedroom. But it doesn't mean a bun or a colorful headband is not okay, we all have our choices.

7. What time you’ll clean the house

- Cleaning the house is very taxing. 1 hour of doing so makes it a complete workout already. You can always decide what time you want to clean and which area should you want to prioritise. My perosnal tip would be clean the dirtiest places as often as needed.

8. Best day to do the laundry

- I don't do our laundry daily, and believe me, washing machine is my favorite home appliance these days. Saves me a lot of time and much needed energy to complete other tasks. You know it's hard to survive without a helper.

9. What to watch in Netflix

- Do you binge-watch lately? I do - K-Dramas, it's been my stress-reliever for a long time already. My personnal recommendations, watch Crash Landing on You, and avoid watching depressing or serious movies or series. Choose the feel good ones only.

10. To workout or TikTok

- Ever since the lockdown happened, i often choose among these two and as of now, TikTok always win.

Before I end my first blog entry this year (after being hiatus for a long time) I would like to encourage everyone to be responsible and be sensitive in what you do in your social-media life. I know we all have our reasons and our choices in what to post but let's always make it a point to bring out positivity above all. I do not say that I post perfectly every time, but as much as possible it always provides more good news over the bad. Plus, let's all be kind to one another. I guess this too is an essential part of survival in these trying times.

Thank you for your time...Always stay healthy and keep safe! Make the most out of this moment... Remember, this too, shall pass... Let's all Trust God's timing!

xoxo --- Rycee

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