Celebrating my Birthday at Home

I never have imagined celebrating my Birthday at home but clearly there was no other choice and no place else to go... And when you think it wouldn't be as fun - well yesterday, we surely had a blast! Let this be ranked as my #MostMemorableBirthday ever.

Thankfully, I am blessed with the right people around me who never fails to bring some love and surprises each time. I also got to receive lots of online greetings which made my day extra happy as it already is. Truthfully, I was both laughing, sad at some point and exhausted at the end of the day, because beyond all these, we still have current national health issues to face. But like always, I believe that there are just enough things each of us can handle at the same time, and while we're at it, let's remember to do our share of doing the good and find the beauty in everyday.

Since, I have to make the moments count... I made a list of some of the things I did on my Birthday (for the first time) while stuck at home. If you think you'd be bored celebrating your special day, think twice, because I barely had the chance to sit still by making it fun the best way I can. Scroll down below and I'm hoping you find meaningful activities you can also share with your friends and family.

1. Getting up early and watching the sun rise. This is not my first time watching it but this day comes with lots of quiet thinking and prayer as I wait for this natural beauty to unfold. It's a reminder to us that there's good in every morning. After, take a warm bath to complement your thoughts and emotions.

2. Cook and Cook and Cook! If there's one really good thing you can do on your Birthday is to feed your tummy happiness. I started the day with Tapsilog and Coffee for Breakfast, Garlic Prawns and Carrot Juice for Lunch, Unli Tacos for Merienda and Spaghetti with Coke for Dinner... I may not be eating in a Buffet for my Birthday, but seriously, I made effort to pig out at home and reward myself of the the hardwork i did the past months.

3. Tried Unicornetto for the First Time! Yummy and refreshing, a cool change on the usual ice cream flavors you might have had this summer because this is like bubble gum and cotton candy in pastel colors! No wonder LeiaBunny likes it too.

5. Surprise! We have a new #TikTok Video coming up. We always aim to bring a smile on those faces in every post I make, in any of our social media platforms. Let's build up each other, spread love and not hate. Watch out for the release soon.

6. Made myself a DIY Birthday Cake. Great Hack! One day as I go my rounds at the Supermarket - WhattaTops was waving at me and it suddenly reminded me to get a pack because my Birthday is coming up. Plus a magic candle which made Leia a little scary.

7. Shared food with Strangers. Nothing feels more fulfilling these days than Helping our Frontliners in any way we can. While most people have full pantries and money to spend in these trying times, a lot of people are silently suffering due to economic effects of CoVid-19. Whatever big or small act you do, it will surely help one person or another. I may not have fulfilled my initial goal to put up a fundraiser, but sending some food to our frontliners whenever possible for me, can surely make a difference.

8. Videocall with Friends. To these people who's consistent in giving surprises - I can never Thank You enough. You alway make my Birthdays extra special. We could have been enjoying summer outdoors but still your efforts like this are always appreciated.

Love Love these surprise deliveries of Costa Brava Caramel Cake and Siomai and Chili from Siomai House!

9. Write in my Journal. Nothing beats having your memories written in a diary and I would love it more to have today's photos printed here too.

10. Started watching another K-Drama Series. Started the year 2020 watching Crash Landing on You, the followed by My Holo Love, Her Private Life then Touch Your Heart. I also have downloaded Beauty Inside and Hey, Bye Mama but decided to watch While You Were Sleeping First. I am not a fan of Lee Jong-Seok that's why this is only my first time watching any of his dramas. I love Hyun Bin, although I didn't like Memories of Alhambra, i certainly did love CLOY.

Today marks the end of Quarter 1 of 2020. This year started with a natural calamity and now a global pandemic is taking place. I hope it doesn't get any harsher in the next months. In spite of everything that’s been happening around us, I know it's very difficult to keep calm but I put all my trust in God and Humanity. Better days are coming, hang in there... Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

I hope everyone stays safe and keeps good health every day. Praying we all surpass this. Continue the good you're doing, we can win this!

Thank you so much.... xoxo Rycee

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