My version of the Dalgona Coffee craze

Certainly we can't let this craze pass without taking the challenge of creating our own version of the famous Dalgona Coffee... hoping we're not soo late to the party!

Just some fact check, Dalgona drink actually originated from India and Pakistan where it is known as whipped coffee or beaten coffee. However, Dalgona Coffee became very popular these days because of a TikTok video released. This new drink originated in South Korea with three main ingredients - instant black coffee, hot water and sugar whisked together. The taste actually resembles that of the traditional Korean sponge candy with the same name. Ever since, there's hundreds of thousands of people posting about it in their social media pages, with their own recipe versions and cool creative presentations.

So here's our take on this viral recipe... it's actually our third time doing this, and so far this has been the best. You know you can always tweak it according to your taste buds right? Let me know your thoughts, tag me in your posts.

Dalgona Coffee Recipe (Leia's Mom Version)

Ingredients :

1 tablespoon Instant Coffee Powder (preferably black and strong variant)

8 tablespoons Sugar (preferably brown sugar)

2 tablespoons Cold Water (yeah, not hot)

What else you need :

Mixing Bowl

Whisk / Spoon or Fork (or Electric Hand Mixer for so much ease)

Ice (5-10 small cubes)

1/2 cup Cold Fresh Milk (preferably non-fat)

Clear Drinking Glass or Cup (preferably double-walled like Nomu Glassware)

Procedure :

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl

2. Whisk it continuously for at least 15 minutes or until it becomes creamy and sticky

3. Pour Milk and Ice in a Cup (until 3/4 filled)

4. Put the Dalgona Mixture on top.

5. Use any tool to help you create a better topping presentation.

6. Take good photos with nice lighting.

7. Serve and Enjoy chilled (good for 2 people).

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Special thanks to Trisha Mae for being my partner-in-food porns.

Thank you! :)

xoxo -- Rycee

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