Easter Egg Hunt 2019

We did not have much celebrations ever since this year started even with 2 birthdays that passed... Even now that it's Easter, we just enjoyed having some quiet time, reflection and looking back through photos and videos in our small home. To share with you, here are some of the Best Memories we made from last year's Easter Egg Hunt Celebrations. We are kind of sad that exciting parties and colorful events are cancelled this year, but we all are aware that it's a must thing to do - for everyone's safety and well-being too. Have fun watching and may you find the gift of simple joys this Easter Monday brings!

Santolan Town Plaza Easter Bunnylympics

Robinsons Magnolia's Easter Express

Loving to watch these videos again, seeing Leia so cute and smaller here makes feel a little sad because time flies so fast, i can't even get a grip. To every new mom, pregnant mom, mom with newborns or small kids - cherish every moment! im so happy i was able to document many of Leia's Milestones because they will only be this small once...

Thanks you once again! xoxo --- Rycee


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